PlanetPhysics/Applications Topic on Mathematical Physics and Physical Mathematics

This is a contributed new topic on mathematical physics, physical mathematics, and their various applications in: engineering, industry, medical biophysics, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, computer science, computer engineering, robotics, AI, ecology, market prediction, etc.

Mathematical Physics and Physical Mathematics edit

  1. Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics #Theoretical Geophysics
  2. Astrophysics, Cosmology, Geometrodynamics and general relativity theories
  3. quantum gravity #quantum logics, including LM-logic algebras
  4. Quantum State Spaces, quantum operators, Superoperators, observables, Eigenstates
  5. Hamiltonians and other Hermitian operators #Algebraic Quantum Field Theory #Quantum Algebraic Topology (QAT)
  6. Quantum Operator Algebra (QOA) in quantum field theories and quantum gravity
  7. Quantum groups, Hopf algebras, Quantum supergroups and superalgebras #topological Quantum Field theories
  8. homotopy Quantum Field theories (HQFT)
  9. non-Abelian physics (NAP)
  10. Unified Field theories (UFT) in physics, supersymmetry and spontaneous symmetry breaking #CPT symmetry and parity Violation
  11. Quantum Chromodynamics, quarks, parton distributions, nuclear spin structures and theories of Nuclear Fusion
  12. Elementary particle theories and Higgs bosons
  13. Conformal Map theory (CMT)
  14. Quantum Geometry (QNG) and non-commutative geometry (NCG) applications to SUSY model in physics
  15. Harmonic and Anharmonic analysis of quantum systems:


  1. Bibliography for mathematical physics and quantum algebraic topology
  2. Geometry and Group theory applications to Mathematical Crystallography
  3. spinors and spin groups, spin networks, Foams, vectors, matrices, tensors and Twistors
  4. Complex Systems Structure and dynamics #solitons and semi-classical systems
  5. Systems with Chaos
  6. Topological Dynamics
  7. Biotopology and Topology applications in biology, Non-random Networks: cellular, neural and genetic
  8. fluid dynamics #superfluids and superconductivity: low- and high- temperature mechanisms
  9. Nob-crystalline systems, Paracrystals and glasses #categorical physics and categories/ in biology
  10. Categorical dynamics and Biodynamics
  11. Physical vs. Mathematical probability
  12. Applied Statistical Mechanics
  13. Numerical analysis and Measurement theory in physics
  14. Biostatistics
  15. Bibliography for statistical mechanics
  16. Bibliography for mathematical physics and quantum algebraic topology
  17. Computational Physics and astrophysics
  18. Computer models and automata theory in Biology and Medicine
  19. Mathematical Medicine and Epidemiological models
  20. quantum automata and quantum computers #Quantum Nanoautomata and nanorobots #Mathematics in natural/Life sciences
  21. mathematical biology and theoretical biophysics #Mathematical Biophysics
  22. bibliography for mathematical biophysics #Mathematics of Finance and Market predictions
  23. Mathematical and mathematical physics applications to Population Genetics
  24. Quantum Genetics and Bioinformatics
  25. Mathematics applications in Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering
  26. Mathematical Physics and Physical Mathematics models applications in Geophysics and Ecology
  27. Mathematical physics and physical mathematics models in energy Science and Engineering, Alternative Energy mathematical models and theories