Physics Formulae/Equations for Properties of Matter

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This article is a summary of the laws, principles, defining quantities, and useful formulae in the analysis of Equations for Properties of Matter.

Friction edit

Normal Force  
Static Friction, lies tangent to the surface  
Kinetic Friction, lies tangent to the surface  
Drag Force, tangent to the path  
Terminal Velocity  
Energy dissipation due to Friction

(sound, heat etc)


Stress and strain edit

Quantity (Common Name/s) (Common) Symbol/s Definining Equation SI Units Dimension
General Stress    

F may be any force applied to area A

Pa = N m-2 [M] [T] [L]-1
General Strain    

D = dimension (length, area, volume)

  = change in dimension

dimensionless dimensionless
General Modulus of Elasticity     Pa = N m-2 [M] [T] [L]-1
Yield Strength/  
Ultimate Strength  
Young's Modulus     Pa = N m-2 [M] [T] [L]-1
Shear Modulus     Pa = N m-2 [M] [T] [L]-1
Bulk Modulus     Pa = N m-2 [M] [T] [L]-1

Fluid Dynamics edit

pressure difference  
pressure at depth  
barometer versus manometer
Pascal's principle
Archimedes' Principle
buoyant force  
gravitational force when floating  
apparent weight  
ideal fluid
equation of continuity   constant
Bernoulli's Equation   constant