Photography/Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DAM is an acronym for "Digital Asset Management" which is a generic term for the process of collecting "Digital Assets" or photographs, identifying them with pertinent information called "Metadata" such as keywords, location, subject, project and the like, and storing them in a manner that permits for quick and effective retrieval. One can also assign a rating to the photographs so that the best ones can be easily identified. Different developers have created database type programs to perform most of these functions.

To companies that sell products, digital assets are typically linked to a specific product and/or part number identifying the product. In addition, digital assets are not limited to photography but can include any type of digital asset that is related to a product and provides information to the buyer that assists them in making a purchase. Other types of digital assets might include PDF files, schematic drawings showing dimensions of the product, illustrations, CAD drawings and many other types of files to support the product.