Personal Rover Maintenance

Ecological Efective Learning Opportunities

  • Pay a professional to maintain your expensive dream car and operate it appropriately until it is profitable to GLOPGLOP_(General_Left_Overs_Processers) it by trading either up or down.
  • Do as much self maintenance as you enjoy and then pay for the rest.
  • Do not ignore the service manual and specifications of replacement parts and consumables.
  • GLOP it yourself.
  • GLOP it by calling Habitat for Humanity if you can not get fair trade in from your dealer of the moment.

Assist each other here with meeting personal rover maintenance and learning objectives.

Maintenance Challenge Attention Requests

*##1 I have an 88 Mazda RX7SE in which I need to replace antifreeze. edit

Specific background: The shop service manual says "CAUTION a)Do not use alcohol or methanol-based coolants. b)Use only soft (demineralized) water in the coolant mixture. The antifreeze I have package is not clear but it seems to contain "ingredients: Ethylene Glycol (107-21-1), Diethylene Glycol(111-46-6), Water(7732-18-5), NJTSRN QT1" and "MEETS ASTM D-3306, ASTM D-4340". Request: Does this antifreeze conflict with manufacturers recommendation? Are glycols alcohol or methanol based? Mirwin 21:59, 25 November 2007 (UTC)