Peace studies/Learning project guidelines

This is a brief discussion of the organization of the Division of Peace Studies.



Learning projects are grouped into departments. Learning projects are organised within departments according to subject and difficulty level.

If there is not a current department suitable for the learning project you wish to create, please create a new department.

Learning projects


Learning Projects are Wikiversity's version of university courses. The are more akin to a course unit or a single university lecture than to a complete university course.

In depth discussions on the philosophy behind wikiversity Learning Projects are available in the Learning Projects Portal, the Learning Projects Wikiversity page, and on the Wikiversity Naming Conventions page.

More than one Wikiversity department can offer the same learning project; those departments should cooperate to develop the learning projects that they have in common.

Learning Projects should be created using the 'Topic:' namespace.

Creating or contributing to a Learning Project


Creating and contributing to Learning Projects is a key part of the Wikiversity learning process. Please contribute anything that you are able to.

Structure and Organisation of Learning Projects


This structure is outlined in the Learning Project Template.

Aims and Objectives


As soon as a project is created, the aims and objectives and expected learning outcomes of the project should be clearly stated. This is to ensure that learning materials contributed to the learning project are relevant. It also allows students partaking in the learning project to be aware of the expected learning outcomes.

Introduction to the Topic


As a priority, a brief introduction to the topic of the Learning Project should be given. The length of this introduction will vary accoring to the topic, but should always be less than 2,000 words.

Learning Materials


Learning Materials for a learning project are to be organised under relevant subheadings. Learning Materials include 'Main Namespace' links, links to internet sources, suggested books to read, and assignments.

Reading Lists


Readings in reading lists should be organised according to topic. A brief summary of the reading should be given on the learning project page.

Ideally, readings should be available on the internet, and the links made available.

Readings that are unavailable on the internet should be referenced in the following way:

Author, A., Title of Book (Location: Publisher, Year of Publication).

Initially, learning projects may just contain links to relevant readings on the internet and listings of relevant books and journals. As more people learn from and contribute to the learning project, reading material will be created within the learning project using 'Main Namespace' links.



Learning projects should involve assignments. Initially, the assignments should be based around contributing more to the learning project. Once the learning project has sufficently expanded and matured, other assignments may be set.

Assignments may or may not involve writing, depending on the Learning Project and the expected learning outcomes of the project.

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