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Pasta Cooking Skills edit

Description: 4 ounces of dry pasta per adult is the recommended serving size. A 1 pound package should yield 4 servings. Use 4 quarts of water per pound to prevent the pasta from sticking together. When the water returns to a boil, add the pasta. Don’t break the pasta to fit the pot, use a wooden spoon to bend it as it cooks. Stir the pasta often to prevent sticking. One pound of spaghetti takes about 8 to 10 minutes to cook but check it frequently until its firm to the bite.

Assessment Checklist edit

Objective: Student will prepare the proper amount of dry spaghetti pasta for 4 adults using the correct process resulting in properly prepared pasta.

Directions: Each individual must correctly determine the amount of dry pasta to prepare to feed 4 adults. Recommended serving is 4 ounces per adult. The individual must use the proper amount of water to prevent sticking and does not overcook the pasta.


  • 4 (excellent) – The individual prepared the pasta flawlessly. Pasta is the correct amount for each adult, 4 ounces. Pasta is not sticky or overcooked. The individual has used the proper amount of water and the pasta is firm to the bite.
  • 3 – Pasta is the correct amount for each adult, is not overcooked, but is slightly sticky.
  • 2 - Pasta is the correct amount for each adult, is slightly overcooked and is slightly sticky.
  • 1 - Pasta is the correct amount for each adult, is overcooked and slightly sticky.
  • 0 – Pasta is very overcooked, does not meet the recommended serving amount and is very sticky.

Conditions of Assessment

  • The proper cooking tools and ingredients are available
  • The individual indicates when the assessment should begin.
  • The assessment ends as soon as the individual indicates

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