Wiki2ODT creates from the Wiki source e.g. in Wikiversity or Wikipedia an LibreOffice Document that can be edited.

ODT Format as Output from Wiki

Workflow edit

  • download the Wiki Source in an AppLSAC-0 (WebApp with a client side converter in the browser) with wtf_fetch.
  • load an ODT template/raw ODT file that defines the layout of the final product. ODT are ZIP files that can be handled with JSZip in an AppLSAC-0.
  • convert the source with `wtf_wikipedia` (ToDo: HTML exported exists - ODF output format must be implemented)
  • Provide a file output from the browser as an emulated download with FileSaver.js by Eli Grey.

Objective of Learning Resource edit

This learning resource focuses on the technical background of ODT generation from Wiki documents. The technical infrastructure supports learning tasks, in which the learner extend an given document with individuals results of the learning progress (e.g. add a snapshot of the learning result, fill a given table with data or create a report of exploration of a specific location (e.g. see Real World Lab). These individual comments and contributions are not meant to be shared on Wikiversity. The document is a private product on the learner and is created on the client computer or mobile device only. To accomplish this goal and respect the privacy of the learner, the given raw document in Wikiversity for a learning task is converted into an ODT document that allows client-side editing, saving and opening of the document without the need to submit the private documents to a server (see also AppLSAC).

Learning Resource edit

This learning resource is about the foundations to create such a WebApp as Wiki Converter for LibreOffice documents. If the HTML5 WebApp is implemented it a allows a client side conversion of Wiki markdown sources into LibreOffice documents.

  • first step is already implemented with wtf_fetch
  • as parsers into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) wtf_wikipedia by Spencer Kelly is available, but it produces currently
    • plain text,
    • LaTeX,
    • Markdown and
    • JSON
as output. It is recommended to analyse the syntax of converting files with PanDoc/Try and learn about compilation of text documents.

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References edit

  1. Spencer Kelly, et. al. (2020) wtf_wikipedia - client side Wiki Markdown processing - GitHub Repository - URL: (accessed 2021/01/05)