Openness and collaboration

Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project about openness and collaboration. This is a "Learning by doing" project where Wikiversity community members explore how to promote openness and collaboration at Wikiversity.

Can the Wikimedia community develop a friendlier, more collaborative culture or will participation at Wikimedia wikis continue to be disrupted?

This learning project was started in response to the recent call for Openness by the the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Methods edit

The methods used in this learning project will include action research aimed at removing existing barriers to openness, participation and collaboration at Wikiversity.

Questions edit

  1. Why is the content of this learning project being removed, repeatedly?
  2. Why was this learning project nominated for deletion?
  3. How are "openness", "collaboration", and "participants" defined by the Wikimedia Foundation?
  4. What do "openness" and "collaboration" mean to current and potential participants of Wikiversity?
  5. What barriers keep people from collaboration and participation at Wikiversity?
  6. What barriers keep Wikiversity from becoming more open?
  7. What are the barriers to collaboration in general?
  8. What reasons have past participants decided to stop collaborating and participating at Wikiversity?
  9. How do potential participants want to collaborate?
  10. Why do current participants continue to collaborate and participate at Wikiversity?
  11. What things do current and potential participants want Wikiversity to be more open about?
  12. How can Wikiversity include personal opinions that promote open and education-based debates?
  13. How can Wikiversity encourage participants to collaborate when a person's methods discourage collaboration?
  14. How can Wikiversity encourage more participation in community decisions and open discussions?
  15. What can Wikiversity do to resolve conflicts quicker and for longer in ways that encourage retention and increases participation in learning?
  16. What can Wikiversity do to make policies, practices, and the collaborative culture friendlier to increase participation in learning?
  17. Where do new participants first learn about Wikiversity?
  18. When and how do people decide to collaborate?
  19. When and how do people decide to participate?
  20. What attracts people to Wikiversity?
  21. What qualities promote openness?
  22. What qualities promote teamwork and collaboration?
  23. What qualities promote closeness?
  24. What qualities promote conflict?

Proposals for change edit

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