Open community approach/Open Scientific Paper Development

Open Scientific Paper Development allows the community of scientist to view, participate and contribute to the development of a scientific paper. The reviewing processing and support for the development can be realized interactively already in the early development of the ideas of the paper.

KnitR for dynamic document generation - version control of scripts for data analysis

Learning Tasks edit

  • (Transparent Developement) The development process of scientific papers is transparent from the very beginning or from the earliest stage of the paper when the scientist decide to present already the preliminary ideas to the community of learners and scientist. What are the PROs and CONs for applying the Open Scientific Paper Development for a specific subject! Would you develop a scientific paper transparently in a Wiki and submit the paper to an Open Access journal?
  • (Who Did When What?) The community will see, who did when want in the paper development. How can this concept be benefitial from the perspective of learning how to publish a scientific paper.
  • (Agile Scientific Paper Development) Combine the Open Scientific Paper Development with Agile Scientific Paper Development, that allows an evolutionary development of a paper based on dynamic changes in the availability of new data and the application of the same analytic methods to the new data.
    • (Content Developement) Scientists added new content or update existing content in the paper and create new versions of the paper, due new evidence caused by additional data processed and due to improved methods of analysis (new Wiki versions are generated)
    • (Software/Script Development) According to the improvements of scripts for the data analysis new versions of the scripts for the algorithms are published for the paper (new versions or the script/methods are created)
    • (Aggregation of Data) new data is added and the whole analysis of the data is triggered according to agile script development in the paper.
  • (Peer Review & Version Control) The script development leads to result, that documents can be generated dynamically. New documents lead to new version in a version control system. A new release in the scientific paper is a new candidate for peer-reviewing of script correctness and scientific correctness of the paper.

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