Open Source Migration

This is a learning resource to support individual computer user, schools amd organisations in migrating to open source software. The aim of the learning resource is to learn about challenges and benefits

SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities - Learning Resource supports the SDGs - SDG-Tagging[1]
SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy - Learning Resource supports the SDGs - UN-Guidelines[2]

Learning Task

  • (PROs and CONs) Open Source is available for everyone and can be adpated to individual requirements and constraints. What are the challenges PROs and CONs of application of Open Source Mirgation for sustainability-
  • Explore the concept of Open Community Approach and explain the relevance for Capacity Building in organizations and educational units.
  • (Local Application and adaption to needs) Explore the concept of privacy friendly WebApps in an educational setting and explain the relevance for the adaptation of learning resources to the individual requirements and constraints of an educational unit.
  • (Load Balancing for Network Traffic in Comparison to Energy Supply/Network) Open Source tools exist for load balancing of internet traffic. Smart Grids are used to smart energy supply.
    • Identify the similarities Smart Grids and Load Balancing in the IT sector.
    • Explain how Open Source technology can be used for smart energy supply.

Learning Modules


Discussion questions and essay ideas

  • What are some difficulties of migrating mainstream institutions (like hospitals, universities, corporations, and government organizations) to open source?
  • Why are commercial closed source software often more feature rich than open source alternatives?
  • What are some examples of software that open source versions that are more feature rich and functional than commercial closed source versions of the same type of software?

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