Open Source 3-D Printing/Rock wall project

This is a project that supports the course Open Source 3-D Printing

This project is to design and print a rock wall hold.

  1. Create Thingiverse Account
  2. Download template SCAD for hex bolt: [1]
  3. Using OpenSCAD design an original rock wall hold better than this. No derivatives from any other design, no mashups, no importation of other code
  4. Print your design on your RepRap using an appropriate fill for a human dangling from a cliff
  5. Post your SCAD, STL and a picture of your print on Thingiverse as a derivative of [2] using an appropriate OS license
  6. Either write on the back of your print or put tape with your name on it for your hold
  7. Prints will be collected in class on the due date

To see past student work see these examples
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Subject classification: this is an engineering resource.