OmegaWiki is a collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual resource in every language, with lexicological, terminological and thesaurus information. OmegaWiki is also the first implementation of the Wikidata technology. Wikidata brings relational data to MediaWiki.

Learning projects


OmegaWiki has significance for several current and planned Wikiversity learning projects and content development groups:

Scope and premise


This learning project's primary goal is to assemble a development group focused upon the furthering of OmegaWiki's progress in terms of:

  • Understanding the design goals
  • Documenting the progress in an ongoing manner
  • Assisting the current development community in useful ways
  • Identifying and cataloging educational applications for the finished lexicon
  • Furthing the underlying mission of relational data within the MediaWiki sphere
  • ...other consensual goals...

Wikiversity resources that can be built from OmegaWiki works:

  • A comprehensive multilingual relational model of sets of words and meanings
  • A corpus that embodies cultural and Humanitarian exchange within a linguistic frame
  • A set of files for use in machine and computer-assisted translation (and transliteration)
  • A backbone for enhancing educational communications via a planet-wide development consortium
  • ...other resources...



A special taskforce (department) is forming as a content development group under a general topic: Computational linguistics. This group will examine the current OmegaWiki data model with the intent of answering fundemental questions:

  1. How far along is the developmnet toward its original goals.
  2. What features were a) planned from the start; b) added during the current development; c) over-ruled for what reason; d) add something...
  3. What are the major components and how do they interact?
  4. ...many other questions...

The Computer Science and software engineering aspects of OmegaWiki, its predessors and future forks will be succesivily examined by the taskforce here at Wikiversity and at the site. Statistical data of the omegawiki development process will be studied from technical, economic and socio-cultural angles by various wikiversity schools and departments. This learning project might be a central way to coordinate such efforts throughout wikiversity with the main OmegaWiki Project. ...see Category:Workspaces



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This project is expected to have a very low level of participation for some time.

Welcome to the OmegaWiki chat channel .. OmegaWiki now has statistics per collection. OmegaWiki now includes part of the ISO-CD-639-6| data..