Ocean remote sensing satellites

This course gives an overview of the ocean remote sensing satellites systems and what they do and see and how they work.

Overview edit

Ocean satellites have traditionally had interest coming from two quite separate areas. These are from the geophysics community who have been largely interested in ocean physical phenomena and bathometry and the other is the biologists and marine scienists who are interested in the biological activity of the oceans. This usually means trying to measure the concentration of chlorophyll in the seawater as this is directly related to the quantity of algae present and will be a good correlator of the food supply available for marine animals.

Brief History of Ocean Satellites edit

Current and Past Ocean Related Satellites edit

MODIS http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/

TOPEX/Poseidon -launched Aug 1992

Jason-1 -launched Dec 2001

OSTM Ocean Surface Topography Mission -2008? -to replace Jason-1

SeaStar (SeaWiFS instrument) -launched Aug 1997 to 2008

Glossary edit

  • CZCS -Coastal Zone Colour Scanner
  • Bathometry -study of

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