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Thermal image of a sink full of hot water with cold water being added shows the hot and the cold water flowing into each other. Credit: Zaereth.

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1 Which of the following are green radiation astronomy phenomena associated with the Sun?

the color of the upper rim as seen from Earth
an excess brightness at or near the edge of the Sun
the iron XIV green line
neutron emission
polar coronal holes
meteor emission
changes in the line-blanketing

2 Before the current era and perhaps before 6,000 b2k which classical planet may have been green?

3 True or False, At least in emission sodium astronomy, Mercury is a dwarf gaseous object.


4 Which of the following are associated with the Sun control group?

rocky objects
gaseous objects
plasma objects
a photosphere
watery surface

5 Which of the following are radiation astronomy phenomena associated with the gaseous-object Neptune?

Voyager 2
blue rays
neutron emission
polar coronal holes
meteor emission

6 Which of the following is not a characteristic of X-radiation?

electromagnetic radiation
ionizing radiation
emitted by a few atomic nuclei
occurs when a positron and an electron annihilate each other
only penetrates so far into a gaseous-objects atmosphere

7 When ionization cones are present, what green characteristics are usually readily observed?

O III green emission line
green continua
biconical structure
a common cone axis and apex
ionized gas
neon clouds

8 Complete the text:

"In the green, the

of the pure

composition qualitatively appears a better

to the shape of the observed polarization curves."

9 True or False, The silicates used to model the cometary coma dust are olivene (Mg-rich is green) and the pyroxene, asbestos.


10 Which of the following is not a phenomenon associated with a comet?

elongated dust particles
high albedo
coronal mass ejection

11 With respect to protoplanetary disks what green mineral has been found?

12 Green earth is a natural pigment composed of what likely source of green?

13 True or False, There are green or green mineral containing meteorites.


14 Which of the following are cosmogonical phenomenon associated with the Sun, or solar system?

watery abyss
cold dark matter
unseen mass
Silver age

15 Complete the text:

Condensed noble gases, most notably liquid

and liquid

, are excellent radiation detection


16 True or False, The presence of a liquid may be detected by using S-waves.


17 Observations of Titan have benefitted greatly from what phenomenon?

a dense, opaque atmosphere
extensive meteorite cratering
a flattening out
liquid hydrocarbon lakes
the reflected light of allotropes and compounds of sulfur

18 Which of the following are radiation astronomy phenomena associated with the apparent liquid-object Earth?

neutron emission
polar coronal holes
meteor emission

19 Why is much of the surface of Mars covered with red iron oxide dust when the rocks that compose much of its surface are blue or violet?

Mars has been systematically bombarded with small iron-nickel meteorites or micrometeorites that oxidize in its atmosphere
Mars has been frequently bombarded with hematite containing micrometeorites
asteroid impacts on Mars may have forced iron from near its core into the atmosphere and onto the surface as hematite dust that oxidized
Mars is like Earth in surface hematite composition, but Earth has much more water
precipitation from iron-rich water

20 Complete the text:

Match up the item letter with each of the cosmogonic possibilities below:
interior models of the giant planets - A
high interest for cosmogony, geophysics and nuclear physics - B
hierarchical accumulation - C
clouds and globular clusters - D
cosmic helium abundance - E
deuterium fusion - F
a large deficiency of light elements - G
after galactic sized systems had collapsed - H
the motions of hydrogen

formation of luminous quasars

stars with an initial mass less than the solar mass

rotating liquid drops

primordial is less than 26 per cent

a solar mixture of elements dominated by hydrogen and helium gas

around 13 Jupiter masses

smaller rocky objects


21 True or False, A hydrometeor is a precipitation product.


22 Usually associated with clouds filling the sky, thunder and lightning, wind and what water based meteorites

23 Which of the following is not a characteristic of showers?

throwing a beam

24 A collimated stream, spurt or flow of liquid or gas or plasma in a narrow cone of particles?

25 Complete the text:

Match up the type of Sun system astrogony with each of the possibilities below:
Babylonian epic story of creation - A
a primordial or first Greek god - B
the primeval chaos - C
creation of heaven and earth - D
Greek god personifying the sky - E
Cronus (Saturn) castrating his father - F
separation of the waters by a firmament

Chaos magno


watery abyss


Enuma Elish


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  1. Differentiating an astronomical object from an astronomical source needs good questions.

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