Numerical Analysis/Bisection Method Quiz

1 2 and 4 such that f(2) = 4 and f(4) = 16 are appropriate initial points for the bisection method.


2 We decide that 2 such that f(2) = 8 will be one of our initial points. Which of the following are appropriate choices for the second point?

-3 such that f(-3) = -27
1 such that f(1) = 1
-1 such that f(-1) = -1
3 such that f(3) = 27

3 The function on which we want to use the bisection method must be continuous on the interval we choose.


4 After applying one iteration, by how much did our interval that might contain a zero of f decrease?

Almost half
More than half

5 The bisection method has...

linear convergence.
quadratic convergence.
cubic convergence.