Northern Arizona University/Philosophy of Law/Research Projects Spring 2010

Philosophy of Law Projects

The aim of the projects is to examine legal questions about proposals to change the laws relating to affirmative action and human trafficking. There are three things you need to do:

  1. collect the background facts relating to each area, including facts pertaining to specific cases that have come before the courts (or those that have not but perhaps should have), statistical analysis of general trends, and the like;
  2. collect the most important current laws as found in cases and statutes that pertain to each area, as well as proposals to change the laws;
  3. evaluate the current laws and proposals to change the laws in light of the background facts in light of the aims and principles we have examined in the course, such as the aim of removing unjust social inequalities or the principle of protecting individual liberty.

My suggestion is that the members of each group work together by sharing resources concerning the background facts, laws and proposals that you have located. You can share them using this collaborative web page. With those materials in hand, I would then like for each of you to identify a particular part of the problem that is of particular interest to you, and then write a short paper (3 pages) in which you identify the relevant facts, examine the relevant laws and proposals, and then evaluate particular aspects of the laws and proposals. If you announce to others which part of the problem you intend to examine, then it will help us to divide the problem up in a reasonable manner.

Affirmative Action

Shared resources on Affirmative Action

Human Trafficking

Shared resources on Human Trafficking

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