Please answer the following questions. Answers such as "don't know", "knew once but have forgotten", and "never seen that before" are acceptable.

  • Mark the topics on the following list that you have studied in the past (in class or on your own):


Linear algebra (Matrices, Vector algebra).
Vector calculus.
Tensor algebra and calculus.
Partial Differential Equations.
Variational calculus.
Numerical analysis.
Finite element analysis.
Continuum Mechanics.
Heat Transfer.
Fluid Dynamics.

  • What do the three terms in the following equation mean?
What is the physical meaning of the equation (think Newton's laws)?
  • What physical process does the following equation model?
What do the symbols mean?
  • What physical process is modeled by the following equation?
What do the symbols mean?
  • Have you ever encountered:


Lagrange multipliers.
Euler-Lagrange equations.
Weak and strong forms.
Newton's method for finding roots.