Noli Me Tangere/Chapter 1 Quiz

Quiz edit

1 The house of Kapitan Tiyago can be found in __________

Daang Arlequi
Daang Anluague
Daang Abreo
Daang Aquas

2 The name of the river found beside the house of Kapitan Tiyago is _______


3 This person is the main acceptor of visitors.

Tiya Ana
Tiya Isabela
Maria Clara
Kapitan Tiyago

4 Padre Damaso lived in San Diego for __ years.


5 The Governor-general removed Padre Damaso in San Diego because _______

He stayed too long in the town.
Old ladies are the only people who tend to go to the church.
He ordered re-digging of a tomb of a noble man.
Townsfolk didn't like him anymore.

6 Tenyente Guevara shouted at Padre Damaso because ___________

Padre Damaso speaks falsely.
He speaks very fast that he did not even respect Spain.
He is very angry at Padre Damaso.
The friar is very talkative.

7 The tension between Tenyente Guevarra and Padre Damaso was cooled down by ________

Padre Sibyla
Padre Salvi
Senor Laruja
Doctor Espadaña

Conceptual questions edit

  • If you were Padre Damaso, will you do the same thing like expressing disrespect of your country because of uncontrollable temper? Or will you do the same ill-tempered act as shown by Tenyente Guevara?
  • If you are about to decide what will be the role of the lieutenant, how will you tell Padre Damaso that he is speaking in a very offensive way?
  • What are the visitors talking about? Is it rightful to talk about this matter inside a Filipino's house? Or in others' house? Why?