Neurodiversity Movement/Project awareness with video streamers


This resource is experimental and following this guide might have a detrimental effect on a participant's mental health. Interacting with other human beings in a respectable and ethical way is by far not an easy task. If a participant at any time feels that some part of the process is uncomfortable it is advised to either stop completely or to contact a "mentor" if a participant believes that might help them. A mentor might help in the participant being more comfortable in a streaming channel or that might provide advice on how to approach active live streaming users or how to ask questions that a participant might want to ask.

For finding active mentors(if any) check the section "Mentors mentorship (Q967647)"(not this link, but another section further down this page).

This is an experimental resource regarding raising or learning about a video streamer's awareness about Wikiversity and "Interactive Learning Resources" on the web specifically related to The "Neurodiversity Movement". If a participant in this project wishes to participate it is important to be genuinely interested. The tone should always be polite and understanding. The attempt is in understanding a video streamers intention so if a streamer shows signs of not being interested it might not be a good idea to continue. If this happens go to another streamer. As this resource develops, more streaming sites might be added. Some streaming sites might have anti-spam systems in place when allowing account registrations more freely(ie. streaming sites which at the time of registration allow accounts to be created even if using a proxy or VPN service (Q56240402). If a video streaming site allows easy registration they might have an "anti spam system" in place which would limit the damage accounts could do to the streaming site system. ie. systems that prevent new accounts from being too visible to existing video streamers so that existing streamers are not exposed to new accounts registrations too much. One system that has been used with some success, intentionally or unintentionally is a points system where all users who are receiving a video stream can gain "channel points" where they gain a number of "points" for watching a specific video streamer. Those points can later be used to mark their message as a "highlighted message" which might make it more visible than "normal messages" sent without having spent any "points". Without going into further detail in this "preamble" let's get to the practical parts. There is no reason why a participant needs to do anything in this guide if they already possess qualities that allows them to successfully interact with people in a legal, ethical and polite way. Keep that in mind so that this guide does not make a participant encumbered when wishing to interact in a healthy way with a live streaming user.

This resource will focus in detail on specific sites, how they work, although if a participant finds themselves focusing very much on a specific site and its mechanics one might also contribute to a specific section/resource in other parts of Wikiversity.

If a participants attempt at helping this project leads to a live streaming site account getting closed down by site administrators then one might still be able to contribute. How that is achieved is a problem to be solved at some point. One might contact a mentor to discuss what can be done.

Approaching video streamers - First contactEdit

First make sure that one greets the video streamer. One might say "hi" or "hello" or use another language other than English or use another system of interaction, ie. "live streaming points" using points one might gain from receiving a video stream from a specific user after some amount of time or at a regular or irregular time interval. The participant might spend some "anti spam points" to mark their message as "not spam" if they wish to keep some privacy(if a participant registered their account using privacy tools which might make the site flag the account that it might potentially be a "bot account").

It is this first contact that might decide whether the participant gets any motivation for further interaction. ie. sometimes a streamer might not interact with a participants message. If that happens one can assume that the live streaming streamer either doesn't see the message or that the live streaming site has either flagged the participants account either visibly or internally(harder to notice by the participant).

First contact might be one of the most challenging parts a participant might undertake.

Managing a negative responseEdit

If for some reason a live streaming user that the participant is on decides that they don't have time for the participant's account and they deal punishing actions that might disallow the participant's account to see the chat or there might be other consequences, depending on how the specific live streaming (Q3027665) platform that the participant is on, works then advice is to note it down and move on or to continue interacting if the punishment actions still allow some forms of interaction. If the punishment action was so severe that any interaction is mostly impractical/impossible move on to interact with other streamers.

Technique 1: let 1 week go firstEdit

Reason to skip this section: through social networking and by interacting with other streamers in a positive way a participant might get a reputation of having good intentions on a specific streaming site. That might lead later to streamers that had already used punishment actions against a participant's account to at some point reverse their actions.

For this technique let 1 week pass("168 hours") since/after the punishment action before taking any action regarding requesting a reversal of the punishment action received to the account. The reason one can wait exactly "168 hours" before requesting a reversal(or changing one's mind about it) of the punishment action is so that a participants mind does not become clouded and to prevent a situation where a participant might have unnecessary and excessive thoughts regarding one's account to not be seen in a "bad light". If a participant has excessive thoughts regarding how an account got "punitive actions against it" it is advised if a participant cannot handle the situation to take a break from the entire thing.

On some online live streaming platforms one might be able to apply for a reversal of the decision of the punishment action a participant has received but it is generally advised to move on. It is important to not take the punishment action towards the participants account personally and always assume good faith. The streamer might not have time to deal with whether the participants account is legitimate or not and to save time they use a punishment action like disallowing the participants account to participate in the live streaming channel. It is important to know that something that appears as a disadvantage can be an advantage. If a punitive action happens, it might be important to note it down. Sometimes active participants of a live streaming website try to learn more about users and sometimes they find out things they didn't know before. If they learn a participant has good intentions they might reverse their punishment actions.

Streaming sitesEdit

Here a participant/mentor can add a streaming site that they use to interact with live streaming users. One can add a site that one has already participated in, to some degree or that one plans to participate in. It is also advised that the site is notable to some degree so that we don't add sites that might be "malicious" for users to visit.

Twitch Twitch (Q4555537)Edit

If a participant finds any information in here inaccurate or a participant did their own research and they dispute anything in this section or they have information to add they can help developing this section by correcting inaccuracies or make the section better. Feel welcome to participate.

Websites sometimes add and other times remove features on a more frequent basis than one might expect. If it is considered this website switches features too fast at some point, more research might go into making a separate learning resource about the service itself. Although this could be done if users find themselves finding out some knowledge that might be interesting to other learners, then this step might happen sooner rather than later.

Twitch is a live streaming (Q3027665) website that as of the date in UTC 2022-01-01 supports various features. Here are some features:

Feature: Registration Process - Some privacy tools and methods allowedEdit

This feature might be disputed if it is a feature at all.

Registration through some proxy server/networks proxy server (Q11189) and/or VPN services VPN service (Q56240402) and/or Tor Browser (Q15397253) is/are assumed to work because a participant has experience of having used one or some of these technologies/methods/solutions of it/them having worked before 2022-01-01.

Feature: Twitch "tags" systemEdit

This feature is a system for filtering by tags. One accesses this system by selecting "Browse" or going to the main Twitch site and adding "/directory" to the URL from the end of it if there is no other "/" symbol at the end.

"Tags" can be used by viewers to filter streams using a specific tag or a combination of tags where all tags need to be present or all tags or both present and past tags need to match what was queried(more research is needed). The same system can be used by live streamers to categorize their streams using one or more tags. For practical use URL addresses are created for some combinations of "tags".

One does not need to register an account in order to view streams using this "tags" system and/or to view URLs with one tag or a combination of tags.

Some tags get added automatically when a "Twitch category" is added by the live streaming video streamer. Some games have the "Educational Game" tag on them and might have other tags as well. If a streamer chooses a game, then the tag or all tags associated with that game will get added to the stream. Other tags can be chosen manually by a streamer, ie. "Educational" and "Neurodivergent" just to mention 2 tags. Some tags being present on a live streaming stream do not affect the URL/web address.

There are/were 1 "tag" used for educational content that was noticed at some time on UTC 2022-01-01:

  • "Educational" tag - assumed use: any educational content

There are/were 1 "tag" used in relation to "Neurodiversity" at some time on UTC 2022-01-01:

  • "Neurodivergent" tag - assumed use: What might be an identity related to the concept of Neurodiversity and/or the Neurodiversity movement.

How these tags are being used in practice, some observations made: some content(further research can be added) checked on 2022-01-01 which used the tag "Educational" were unrelated to educational content or were at the time unrelated to educational content. At times some content matched the tag used where at least the intention was for the content to be educational. Many streams on Twitch are interactive so a lot of learning can occur. That doesn't mean that the content is educational or that there is a structured plan by the streamer for the content to be educational.

Mentors mentorship (Q967647)Edit

This section is mainly for getting help from a participant("mentor") or participants("mentors") who volunteer their time to help or guide new participants to this experimental project. The help one can get is dependent on the specific mentor. Ideas:

  • getting general advice
  • a mentor accompanying a participant to a specific channel to help the participant to feel 'safer' or more comfortable in a specific channel.
  • a mentor assisting the participant in the above step with asking questions or interpreting the participant's question and asking their own question(if they think it is appropriate)

If one wants to help in the mentorship process a participant can add themselves/himself/herself/themself if one considers that one wants to be a mentor for this project. Please don't add others, it is only advised to add oneself if one wants to mentor other users. If for some reason the participation in this entire learning project is not so good or leads to a worse mental health than previously, then it is advised to take a break from the project and focus on other things. For a participant to mark themselves/himself/herself/themself as a mentor the participant can use four tildes ~~~~ on a bullet line. If one doesn't want to be a mentor anymore one can remove oneself from the list or another Wikiversity user can do that.

One can also add an account or accounts that have been created to be used to interact with streamers. If the intention is to do research regarding a live streaming website it might be a good idea to at some point in time disclose information, if the information is related to research data that a participant has worked on. One can create multiple accounts, making them related to specific users or using only one account. Usage of streaming sites is the participant's responsibility and the participant alone has full responsibility for how they use a particular live streaming video platform.

Active mentors:

Development of page structureEdit

The page structure is still a work in progress. Page creator might need to inform the English Wikiversity community to ask for advice regarding if there are any extra regulations regarding what the page is about or what it instructs one to do.

This section might be removed when the page structure or the page is in a more complete state