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There was a book I put down because I couldn't take the truth

I took a long time to come up with a reason why...It probably wasn't a good one, but now I believe it

I concluded that I didn't believe as strongly as I thought I did

and if I was wrong, God would be waiting right where I left him. But this other path would take time, and if I don't start now, I'll never get there.


Be the change you wish to see

Make it Charlie's world


Outlined on an acoustic guitar

What would a bunch of guys who like John Mayer want to play

You could learn it fairly quickly



temporary permanence

constant want/desire: "when I have everything before me, I constantly desire more. and when there is nothing left for me, I remember when I once had everything."


bossa nova rhythm or beat. alternating bass. imagine. be the best version of yourself that you can be. thin of the children. think aof all the future children. think about them living on an earth where there is NO war. no killing people with bombs and guns and knives. why not.


Light your fire do something fun that turns you on….that has all good effects…….no bad effects on you or anyone else. What sets your inner creative mind and heart and soul on fire. And energizes you to get better at a skill for example, singin, playing a musical instrument.


blocking things out that don't deserve your time battle with the ego/self absorption. people value things different than you do


accomplishing accomplishes nothing

If the answer is within you, why don't we all find it right away?

If it's easy, why isn't everybody doing it?

So where must it be then?

It stands to reason it is within, but not within reach, or it's out there

realistically, it's probably a combination of the two

if it's a synthesis of the two, how do we piece together the pieces