Music/Software/Ableton Live

Introduction edit

This course is aimed at getting participants producing music using Ableton's 'Live' software within ten core modules. Following the core modules will be a series of skill development modules accompanied by appropriate theory, practical exercises and example projects.

The core modules with brief outlines are as follows:

/Setting Up - This module covers installation, setup, file organization and some basics on music production software in general.

/Navigation (GUI) - This module outlines the Graphical User Interface and builds familiarization with the program layout.

/Audio - This module demonstrates how to record, edit and manipulate audio within 'Live'.

/MIDI - This module provides an introduction to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) including how to record, edit and manipulate it within 'Live'.

/Virtual Instruments - This module takes a look at the range of virtual instruments in 'Live', demonstrates their various capabilities and proposes some ideas on their use.

Plug-ins - This module covers the purpose, use and manipulation of both audio and MIDI Plug-Ins within 'Live'.

Session View - This module deals with the unique 'Clip' view in 'Live', looking at how it can be used to organize, manipulate and perform components of a song.

Arrange View - This module looks at how to turn your song components into an arrangement.

Editing - This module outlines the core techniques for editing arrangements in 'Live'.

Live - The final core module demonstrates how to make the most of the unique features and work environment which 'Live' offers.

Throughout the core classes students will be encouraged to assimilate their new learning and practical skills into a musical project. On completion of the ten modules participants will have created a piece of music and be capable of producing further work using the software.

The extended modules and brief outlines are as follows: