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Lesson from a period when I was writing lots of information up on the board before class, as way to organize. I spent a few weeks trying to get through the idea of context with moderate success and this is one of those weeks.




  • Talk again about context.


  • Listening Set Skill = "E" Listen for detail and specific information in presentations, narratives and conversations
  • Listening Curriculum Statement = "6" Listen for detail
  • Speaking Set Skill = "A" Awareness of Context
  • Speaking Curriculum Statement = "1" Context & Register


  • Context = What people are talking about in a conversation.


  • Because if you know the context, you can understand a conversation even if you do not know all the words.
    • e.g. If you know people are talking about food, you can understand phrases like "eggplant is delicious", even if you do not know what eggplant is.


  • A: "I love playing cf. Do you like cf?" B: "No, I hate cf. I like playing DNF."
    • What is the context?

Lesson QuestionEdit

  • What is the context?

Words of the DayEdit

Contact InformationEdit

  • QQ ID 867996874
  • QQ Name Danoff
  • e-mail

Teaching MaterialsEdit

  • FUN WITH ENGLISH 8A Textbook


  • with higher ability class, add page 31
  • 0 Before Class
    • Before class, make sure chairs are set up correctly
    • Write Lesson plan, Lesson, Definition, Example, my contact info and that it's OK to say "I don't know" or "No reason" on the board.
    • Ask if everyone has their textbooks and pens. If they don't tell them to go get them.
  1. Coversation
    • 4 Minutes
    • Are you tired?
    • Are you hungry?
    • Is it anyone's birthday in class?
    • Are you studying a lot for your upcoming tests?
  2. Introduce the Lesson
    • 4 Minutes
    • Have the class read the Lesson Plan
    • Ask if they remember what we did last week? Mention we will be focusing on the same idea once again.
    • Go over: lesson, definition and example.
    • Mention that if ask a question and they don't know the answer, it's fine to say "I don't know". Review that if I ask "why?" they should say "no reason."
    • Ask for any questions.
    • Tell them my contact info, and say if I don't respond on QQ, I apologize, sometimes I am busy.
  3. Joke
    • 3 Minutes
    • "T" joke[2].
  4. Page 26 Let's get ready B
    • 4 Min
    • Explain to the kids if they have gone walking before, put a check. If they have gone on a boat put a check.
    • Ask one or two kids to stand up and share what they have done.
  5. Page 27 Let's listen 1 A - Tapescript Page 84
    • 4 Min
    • I read the dialogue, ask the students to listen and circle the places the travel agent talks about.
    • What is the context of the conversation?
  6. Page 27 Let's listen 1 B - Tapescript Page 84
    • 6 Min
    • Explain to the kids there are multiple answers for each person.
    • Go through each person individually, asking what fits?
    • What is the context of the conversation?
  7. Page 32 Let's listen 2 - Tapescript Page 86
    • 8 Min
    • Have 3 kids read the first time, and I will read the second time. With the kids who come up, go over the difficult words.
    • After going through the answers, ask students "Where do you want to go?" and "Why?"
    • What is the context of the conversation?
  8. Rows & Columns[3]
    • 7 Min
    • Are there any parks near your home?
    • How many rooms are there in your house?
    • What is your favorite room in your house? Why?
    • What kinds of music don't you like?
    • Do you like books?
    • What do you like more, books or movies? Why?

Extra TimeEdit

  • 20 Questions
  • Soccer Dialogue Illustrating Argument vs. Conversation
  • British vs. American English Word Game - Review Chapter 5
  • Ball Self-Introduction Game
  • Competitive Hangman
  • "How high can you clap?" Game
  • Simon Says
  • Telephone

Lesson Review NotesEdit

g8 c5Edit

TJ 3 Page 1

  • got through the textbook by 9:43
  • abandon the textbook with this class?
  • do activities where everyone is talking?
  • this class really got me angry
  • as soon as they stood for rows & columns they were talking
  • when the kids came in, the few new ones scrwed up where everyone else was sitting

g8 c4Edit

  • 4 to 5 new kids in the class (screwed) over any hope for the seating chart
  • got through everything in the textbook quick
  • the kids were very, very quiet again
  • class roster changed again

g8 c10Edit

  • The opening conversation went OK, a lot of kids were chatting, but the class as a whole responded to my questions.
  • add the definition of context to the board

g8 c9Edit

  • working with 2 underachieving boys 1-on-1 was good. they seemed to honestly appreciate the help.
  • I believe if I keep up with the seating, helping, introductions & what not, it'll make a big difference
  • making a deal with the troublesome male leader to learn was a good idea
  • surprised how well they did with page 27 ex B

g8 c6Edit

  • Name changes from pages 48 & 49 of my last notebook
  • Class had a lot of absentees
  • I really had some moments, where I started to lose it mentally, but I managed to keep it together
  • surprised at times how the kids sometimes all get quieter when some others would get involved
  • overall, not a great class, but not horrible, either
  • One boy was totally gone today

Next WeekEdit

g8 c10Edit

  • make sure the answers are out for this class.

g8 c9Edit

  • A girl wants to play rows & columns.



  1. 2009/2010 East Meets West China Information Booklet. Beijing: East Meets West China. 2009. 
  2. "Jokes in English for the ESL/EFL Classroom A Project of The Internet TESL Journal". Retrieved 2011-02-15.
  3. Learned this game from the Hamatonbetsu Junior High School JTE while teaching in Japan.

Additional OptionsEdit

Page 26 Let's get ready A
  1. Walk around, check who has forgotten their textbooks and pens. Have them write their names in my notebook.
  2. Ask if students have visited any of the places?
Page 31 Let's listen 1 B - Tapescript Page 86
  1. Ask a student to read Lisa's part. I will read Helen's. Have the other students listen and match column B with A.
  2. What is the context of the conversation?
Page 31 Let's listen 1 A - Tapescript Page 85
  1. I will give the speech. Ask the students to make the list of places in Australia and the UK.
  2. What is the context of the conversation?


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  • Made other changes.
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  • Took out Page 26 Let's get ready A, Page 31 Let's listen 1 B and Page 31 Let's listen 1 A because the lesson goes too long, and this section isn't particularly good for dialogue/thinking. Plus I wanted to make time for the Scary Story.
0.2 27 Oct 2009 Unpublished
  • Crafted the lesson plan around the textbook sections, taking into account what my students learned the previous week, and what timely topics we can discuss in the opening conversation.
0.1 20 Oct 2009 Unpublished
  • Decided on what sections to use from the textbook in a conversation with Mr. Brown.