Mr. Brown & Mr. Danoff's Halloween Lesson 2

Mr. Danoff's Lesson Plan Data (Dates relate to when lesson was administered)
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c. Late-Oct 2009 45 Student's Classroom N/A N/A Halloween 2 Halloween 50

Lesson written and done with Mr. Brown.

Lesson Plan edit

  1. Conversation “What do you know about Halloween?”
    • Review what they learned last week, see what stuck.
  2. The Mummy Speech & Questions
  3. Frankenstein Speech & Questions
  4. Mr. Brown & Mr. Danoff Recorded Dialogue
  5. Game - Pictionary

Lesson Review edit

26 Oct 2009 Notes edit

g7 c1 edit

  1. The speech did not seem to interest them too much, but they were a very energetic class, so perhaps they wouldn't of bee interested in anything.
  2. words to define: silver
  3. I can't decide if monster is an OK term or not for these kids

g7 c5 edit

  1. too energetic

g7 c6 edit

  1. went better, kept their enegry down by speaking quietly ... was surprising actually how much I was able to them under wraps with this method

g7 c4 edit

  1. change the order of the slides
  2. all the classes thought the pic of mary shelley was the mona lisa