Mr. Brown & Mr. Danoff's Halloween Lesson 1

Mr. Danoff's Lesson Plan Data (Dates relate to when lesson was administered)
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c. Mid-Oct 2009 45 Student's Classroom N/A N/A Halloween 1 Halloween 50 0.2

Lesson written and done with Mr. Brown.

Lesson edit

Notes edit

  • Stress be careful!!! before and after the Halloween slides.
  • Take it slow when you use the pumpkin, don't panic if it doesn't go fast or well.
  • for lesson 2 go in depth into the mummy, werewolf, vampires, ghosts -> casper, ghostbusters

Plan edit

  1. What do you know about Halloween?
  2. Stu's Halloween Powerpoint
  3. Teach them How to Carve a Pumpkin
  4. Thriller Video or Mummy Wrap Game or Competitive Hangman w/halloween words

23 Oct 2009 Lesson 1 Week in Review edit

  • It really engaged the kids.
  • Even though it was a “fun” lesson, they spoke more English than they did in most other lessons.
    • something to be learned from that
  • it's OK to ham it up a little with the kids .. at least, with the 7th graders
  • mike jackson video ethics??
    • me singing?
    • the kids in multiple classes did want to stay after class was finished to watch the videos