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Tutorial 12: Review
This is the twelth tutorial for the motivation and emotion unit of study.

Overview edit

This tutorial provides active review of key learnings from the unit.

Nuggets of truth edit

Figure 1. Baleen whales include the largest animals on earth. Yet they eat the tiniest food – plankton. How is this possible? And how does this relate to learning?

Baleen whales (such as the Blue Whale which is the largest animal on earth) eats the tiniest food – plankton (see Figure 1).

How does it grow so big from such tiny food?

A baleen whale sucks in large volumes of sea water and uses its baleen to filter out plankton for consumption.

Learners are similar to baleen whales. After being exposed to a large volume of content, what really matters is what has been filtered out and extracted by learners.

Thus, this exercise seeks to crystallise and share the:

  • "pearls of wisdom"
  • "nuggets of truth"
  • "flashes of insight"
  • "a-ha moments"
  • "take-home messages" etc.

that have arisen from your engagement with the motivation and emotion unit.

  1. What are the greatest insights or best ideas about motivation and emotion you've acquired through this unit?
  2. What was the take-home message of the chapter and presentation you worked on?
  3. What have you learnt from the unit that you've put into practice in your own life?
  4. What aspect(s) of motivation and emotion are you inspired to learning more about in future?

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Multimedia presentation edit

  1. Have you read the multimedia presentation guidelines?
  2. Have you watched the how to record a multimedia presentation and publish it online?
  3. What ideas do you have?
    1. Format?
    2. Platform?
    3. Content?
  4. FAQ
    1. Image attributions
    2. References
  5. What questions do you have?

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