Motivation and emotion/Assessment/Quizzes/Instructions

Quiz instructions
  • There are 6 equally-weighted quizzes which contribute a total of 25% to the final mark
  • Each quiz contains 10 multiple-choice questions from a larger test bank
  • Time limit: 10 minutes (attempts will be automatically submitted if the time expires)
  • No late submissions are accepted
  • Each quiz can be attempted once
  • Complete quizzes independently, with no assistance from others
  • Use of study materials (textbook, lectures, study notes, and internet resources) is permitted
  • After an attempt is submitted, the questions, your answers, and the correct answers will be viewable. Once this review screen is closed, the information will no longer be available.
  • Bug bounty (bonus marks): If you find an error or can suggest improvements to a quiz, email A bonus quiz mark will be awarded for confirmed errors and accepted improvements.