Welcome to the Mooversity learning project. This learning project allows Wikiversity participants to create and develop a MOO specifically for Wikiversity participants.

Initial plans Edit

  • Telnet to guest.musenet.org and login at the Unix login prompt as 'guest' with password 'mud'
  • SSH (Secure Shell) to guest:mud@guest.musenet.org
  • Use your own Mud Client and connect to MicroMuse.MuseNet.Org Port 4201
  • At the MicroMuse Splash Page, type: Connect Visitor SomeName

Uses Edit

Learning object-oriented programming.

Links from Wikiversity pages guide Wikiversity participants into the MOO where they can have "virtual reality" interactions with each other and simulations of famous people, places and interesting things. For example, On the Soul: discussion group could have a place in the MOO where participants could have a simulated philosophical discussion with Aristotle.

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