Molecular Biology

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Diagram of a typical gene.

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Independent study with group collaboration projects for exploration of the molecular basis of life.

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  • Lesson 1:
  • Chemical structure of DNA
    • Phosphodiester bonds are formed 5' to 3'
    • A pairs with T
    • G pairs with C
  • Chemical structure of RNA
    • Understand the difference between DNA and RNA
    • Uracil pairs with Adenine
    • Hydroxy group on the 2' carbon

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-Draw Ribose label the 5' (5 prime) carbon and 3' carbon and 2' carbon. -Draw Deoxyribose. label the 5' carbon and 3' carbon -Draw adenine and guanine -Draw cytosine and thymine -Draw Uracil -Draw adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) -Draw

  • etc.

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