This first lesson on Mind Mapping is about the why: why should you learn to Mind Map in the first place? But before you jumpstart into reading this entire lesson, let me remind you that you learn best by doing. And what better way to start then to ask you a little question:

"Why did you come to this wikipage?"

Learning activity: Go to the Answers Page now to read what others said. Then edit the page to share your own answer and come back here.

"Do I have a problem then?" edit

People have many problems in their lives, and so do you probably. Mind Mapping is technique that could solve at least some minor problems for you. To get a feeling of the kinds of problems that it can solve, let's have a look at what some Mind Mapping users said about the kind of problems that it solved for them.

Do you have a problem then?

  • "I was faced with huge amounts of information that I couldn't seem to organize nicely. I had trouble memorizing it all and from time to time, I simply forgot some important tasks that I had to do."
  • "When organizing projects for my club, I always felt a little bit lost in all the to-do's. It seemed like an endless list of chores without me ever getting a grasp on the whole of the project."
  • "In class, I got bored quickly with copying what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. I felt that I didn't really learn or understand it that way."
  • "When studying for an exam, I made summaries of 5 to 6 pages which in the end I couldn't really structure well. Big summaries just didn't give me the overview that I needed, only the details."
  • "Whenever I had to speak in front of a group of people, I felt stressed. Partly because on one side I wanted to write everything down that I wanted to say and secondly I wanted to have the freedom to elaborate on some subjects beyond what I had written down."

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