Parts edit

  • Ocular lens - Magnifies the image form the objective lens 10x.
  • Body tube - Houses (holds) the lenses and maintains the proper distance between the ocular lens and the objective lens.
  • Coarse adjustment - Moves either the stage or body tube up and down for focusing on low power only (usually the larger of the 2 adjustment knobs).
  • Fine adjustment knob - Used to sharpen the image of the specimen under high and low power (usually the smaller of the 2 adjustment knobs).
  • Revolving nose piece - Spins to allow a change from one objective power to another.
  • Objective lenses - Magnify the specimen/object being viewed.
    • red: 4x yellow: 10x blue: 40x
  • Arm - supports the body tube and connects the body tube to the base.
  • Stage clip - (One of a pair of clamps) that hold the slide in place on the stage.
  • Stage - Platform upon which the slide is placed for viewing.
  • Diaphragm - regulates the amount of light that enters the body tube.
  • Light Sources - collects and sends light rays upward through the diaphragm, stage, specimen, and body tube so the specimen can be seen.
  • Base - Supports the microscope in an upright position.

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