Microfluid Mechanics/Microflow Devices and Systems

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Man-Made Microdevices and SystemsEdit

Some of the microdevices, which are developed are:

  • microchannels and pipes,
  • microjets,
  • micropumps,
  • microfilters,
  • micro heat pipes,
  • micro heat exchangers,
  • micromixers with chaotic advection,
  • microreactors,
  • micro gas turbines,
  • microrockets,
  • microthrusters,
  • microengines,
  • microsensors,
  • microactuators,
  • microair vehicles,
  • microdialysis systems,
  • microfluidic chips (lab-on-a-chip),
  • microfluidic circuits,
  • ...

All these systems can be classified under microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The MEMS devices comprising fluid flow can be classified as microfluidic devices.

Microreactor technologies developed at LLNL use micromachining techniques to miniaturize the reactor design. Applications include fuel processors for generating hydrogen, chemical synthesis, and bioreaction studies.