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Theology is the study of God or Gods and of religious truths. It often entails organizing and interpreting spiritual beliefs and applying said beliefs into a system of practices. It may or may not include a rational inquiry into religious questions.

This article assumes the reader has read the above article on Metaphysics (AV). That article says our physical universe is a self-contained set of interacting logical ideas. Our minds process these ideas, and we think they are real. It builds a physical universe from a point, and it relates the new terms to our common terms. It also says our physical universe is a school and a teacher. Its purpose is to teach us illogical Beings how to reason logically. Our task is to learn how to reason logically.

If the ideas in the above article are not true, one is left with the problem of explaining how a physical brain full of physical atoms interfaces with nonphysical ideas.

So, assuming the above ideas are true, one can say that previous philosophers did not have these ideas for a background. Instead, they brought their God into their reasoning about our physical universe. Ergo, the following is an alternative view (AV) of theology in an attempt to relate these Gods to our physical universe of ideas.

Number of GodsEdit

Many religions have pantheons of many Gods and Goddesses. For instance, the Assyrian, Babylonian, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Vedic, Inca, Norse, Phoenician, and Roman religions include multiple deities. It is wrong to assume however that just because a religion has more than one deoty name and form that it is pantheistic. It may instead be a form of emanational monotheism. In anaimistic spiritualities spirits were seen throughout all of nature, in the sun, trees, winds and just everywhere. This article talks about three Gods.

Three GodsEdit

Generally speaking, the God-image evolves, both in individuals throughout their lifetime, and over the course of cultural evolution as well. Edward Edinger explains the evolution of the God-image in history as follows: animism, matriarchy, hierarchical polytheism, tribal monotheism, universal monotheism, individuation.

From the metaphysics article, God1 is The Universe, and God2 is the group of logical Beings who created our physical universe. God3 is the crew of astronauts who modified our Earth and our ancestors. The above article doesn’t cover God3, but this one will.

As to God1, go outside on a clear night and look at the stars. Consider the vastness of our physical universe. Now consider the vastness of The Universe, God1. One would hope God1 had something more important to do than worry about illogical Beings in a school even though we are all a part of The Universe.

Given that the most logical Beings in The Universe, God2, created this school we call our physical universe, it is illogical for illogical Beings in this school to pray to this God2 to change something. Our physical universe is an intelligent logical design, and our task is to learn from it. Why change that which is perfect?

This brings us to the Book God, God3, the astronauts. Of all the stars in the sky and related solar systems, why did they pick our planet?

Solar SystemEdit

How did our solar system come to be?

After the Big Bang, Hydrogen clouds moved outward in all directions, and one such cloud became our sun. So, how did this happen, and what is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a small Shell inside a normal Shell, that is, a neutron inside an Atom. Thus, we call it a Hydrogen atom. Think of a small pearl as a Hydrogen atom. When two such atoms came together under the influence of Gravity, they stuck and formed a Hydrogen molecule. When these Hydrogen molecules collided, they began to rotate. As the cloud compression continued because of Gravity, all the Hydrogen molecules rotated, and in time, the whole cloud rotated. That is, the Linear motion energy needed to move the Hydrogen molecules inward converted to angular energy, Spin.

Gravity continued to work its magic, and the cloud became smaller and denser. At the center, when a Hydrogen atom could not move, its Shell reconverted to Space and other energy forms. We say our sun began to shine.

Free neutrons and subneutrons were also in this cloud. The free neutrons collected on opposite sides of the sun and formed their own center of Gravity, so to speak. As their density increased, they also converted Shells to Space and other energy forms. These explosions send large masses into space. The paired explosions produce eight planets: Uranus - Neptune, S - J, Earth - Venus, and Mars – Mercury. As the neutron’s centers of mass moved deeper into the sun, the planets became smaller in size.

The subneutrons also produced a pair of explosions which resulted in Saturn and Jupiter. These subneutron explosions occurred deeper in the sun and after the last neutron explosions. The subneutron explosions were bigger, and they resulted in larger masses being thrown into space. On its way into orbit, Saturn crashed into the S planet, and the collision produced the rings of Saturn. Jupiter crashed into the J planet, which now orbits Jupiter below its surface as Jupiter’s spot. As Jupiter went into space, it attracted Mars and pulled it out of its orbit. Mars now orbits outside the Earth’s orbit. Our concern now is with the planet Earth, the third rock from the sun.

Hydrogen FamilyEdit

In the sun, Gravity caused the Hydrogen Shells to reconvert to Space and other energy forms. What happened to their neutrons, the small Shells inside the extinct Hydrogen Shells? Well, the explosion forced these neutrons into other Hydrogen atoms. Think of a pearl as a Hydrogen atom containing two neutrons. We call it heavy Hydrogen or Deuterium. In the sun, when Gravity pressed two Deuterium atoms together, it produced a heavy Hydrogen molecule. We call it a Helium atom.

Imagine a pendant with six pearls in a circle. Think of them as six Deuterium atoms. We could call it a heavy Hydrogen ring, but we don’t. We call it Carbon. If you press these six Deuterium atoms into a smaller unit, you get a diamond. Again, we change the name, because a diamond is different from the soot in our chimneys. However, I keep using the word ‘Hydrogen’, because Hydrogen was what we had when we started. So, when I talk of Methane and Carbon, I’m still talking about the Hydrogen family.


Gravity acted on the mass, which was to become our Earth. However, the process was slower due to its smaller size. That is, at its center, Shells still converted to Space and other energy forms, but they were less in number. This slower process produced new elements. The heavy elements like Iron and Nickel remained at the center. Lighter elements covered them, and a fluid covered these lighter elements. The atmosphere was a gas. Guess which gas? It was Hydrogen of course. Hydrogen is our lightest element.

Below this Hydrogen was another gas we call methane. Methane comprises one Carbon atom and four Hydrogen atoms. Beneath this Methane gas was a liquid or a semisolid state of hydrocarbons. I call it asphalt. From outside our Earth, this third rock from the sun looked like a black smelly mess unfit for anything. If true, how did Gravity convert this black gooey rock into the Big Blue Marble we live on today?


Gravity could not and did not make the needed changes. I believe a starship came from a distance galaxy and picked this black gooey rock because that is how life started on their planet. On this first visit, they launched a neutron bomb, which went deep below the surface. When the bomb exploded, it vaporized a fourth of the planet. The explosion would have been like the ones in the sun which sent planet-masses into orbit.

Our planet split in two. The planet continued to crack and split as it tried to stabilize its moment of inertia. The asphalt melted and flowed into the abysses. In addition, volcanoes erupted everywhere and lava began to replace the asphalt. The smoke and heat made it a Hell on Earth. Think of a pearl as a Deuterium atom. It contains two neutrons, and we call it heavy Hydrogen. Think of a second pearl which contains fifteen neutrons. We could call it super heavy Hydrogen, but we don’t. We call it Oxygen. The neutron explosion converted fourteen Hydrogen Shells to Space and other energy forms to produce each Oxygen atom. The explosion produced a zillion Oxygen atoms.

What happen to these Oxygen atoms? Well, they combined with the available Carbon to produce Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide. Both products are gases, and they rose into the atmosphere to mix with the Hydrogen and Methane.


The explosion also produced unstable Oxygen atoms, and life began on our planet. The life of interest to us is plant life, for example, moss. Plants thrive in a Carbon dioxide atmosphere. Plants have the ability to use the sun’s rays to convert Carbon dioxide to useful Carbon products and release the Oxygen atoms. These Oxygen atoms rose into the atmosphere and united with the Hydrogen to make H_2O, water. This water helped with the photosynthesis, which released more Oxygen. Over millions of years, the water began filling the abysses.

In time, life fills the oceans and herbivores roam the Earth eating the plant life. Carnivores soon appeared to eat the herbivores and omnivores join them. We know this period as the age of the dinosaurs. So, what happened to the dinosaurs?

Remember the neutron explosion which occurred within the Earth. Besides vaporizing many Hydrogen Shells, it also sent large masses into space. Gravity stopped the outward movement of these masses and returned them to the Earth. If you throw a ball straight up and catch it on its return, the ball will hit your hand with the same force you used to send it skyward. Likewise, the returning masses or meteorites hit the Earth with the same force which caused them to go skyward. In other words, they hit with the force of a neutron bomb. However, these explosions did not cause the dinosaurs to become extinct.

Have you ever been in a quiet room with the sun shining through a closed window? Did you notice the dust in the air floating in the rays of the sun? Dust ended the dinosaurs.

The dust collected in the upper atmosphere. Part of this dust occurred after the first explosion. Gravity returned the dust to the Earth, but it stayed in the upper atmosphere. The explosions from the retuning meteorites produced more dust. The volcanic eruptions produced most of the dust. This dust collected over the years and began to block out the sun. The plants died; the herbivores died, and the carnivores died.

Meanwhile, the water kept raining into the abysses, where it turned to steam and rose once again into the sky. This cycle of rain continued for years. And, each drop of rain brought a speck of dust to the ground. In time, the sky cleared. Life began anew, and the age of mammals began.

This abyss in our planet is the first clue that astronauts came to this planet. The second clue is our moon. One side is smooth and one is cratered. Think of our moon being hit by lava from our planet. It appears God3 timed their explosion so as to impact the moon and leave a sign of their presence in the night sky.


Think about this. Our physical universe is a school. For an illogical Being to learn to reason logically in this school, its mind must interface with some physical body, for example, a centaur or an ape. This avatar needs a brain, sensors, and fingers with an opposing thumb to hold a tool. This allows the illogical Being to experiment and change the world to suit its needs.


In our case, the astronauts returned and made DNA changes in the apes around the globe. This first change resulted in apes without tails and the inability to grasp a limb with their feet. The resulting mutants could not compete in the trees as the survival of the fittest pertained to them as well as the ground animals. Thus, they became ground animals and learned to hunt and gather.

On their next trip, God3 implanted fertilized and unfertilized eggs, which they had brought with them from their home planet, in the female ape mutants. They also used the sperm they were carrying to fertilize pregnant apes. Their plan was to develop a race like themselves and have half breeds perform the labor. This plan failed as the purebreds died out.

We’ve read of another failed attempt in the Garden of Eden. We know it was an experiment because there were other people living nearby since Cain went to Nod and took a wife.

Genesis (6:2) says, ‘The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose’. In other words, they had shore leave.

The year 1776 is an important year. If you don’t remember it, you should. It was the year of Captain Cook’s third voyage to the South Pacific, where he found the Hawaiian Islands. The islanders saw his big ship come sailing in, and the natives thought Cook and his men were Gods. The sailors saw the bare breasted women, and they thought they were in paradise. Time past and no one wanted the sailors to leave, but they had to return to England. After the sailors left, the women gave birth to children of mixed color, and many islanders died of syphilis and other venereal diseases.

The children of these crew members were (6:4) giants and wicked (6:5). In those days, a six foot tall man was a giant, and they became over involved in sexual activities. The captain caused a great flood and let Noah carry on the seed of man. Think of a scientist conducting an experiment with white mice. On a Monday, she comes to work and finds the females have given birth to black mice. It is not an act of God. She dumps the mice in the incinerator and starts over.

God3 also nuked Sodom and Gomorrah (14:2) for their lack of control over their reproduction activities. Lot’s wife was standing on a high ledge to watch the destruction. The explosion vaporized her. However, her body shielded the stone behind her, and the explosion cut her image in the stone. This gave rise to the idea she turned into a pillar of salt. If God3 ever returns, expect him to move around the globe and nuke what we call sin cities.

Why did three men (18:2) appear to Abraham to assure Sarah had a son? One was the anesthesiologist, one implanted a fertilized egg in Sarah, and one stayed outside to talk to Abraham and keep him from entering the tent.

If you have not figured it out by now this essay is meant to amuse and not to educate.


Let’s take a different view of God3. Earthlings, who were hunters and gathers, evolved into farmers. As villages grew in size, the tribal chief became a king. Each king had a priest as an advisor. Their language evolved to a written language, and scribes held important positions. They kept records of who owned what, so the king could collect taxes.

One day, a scribe decides to write on a scroll the origin of his tribe. How would he know what happened millions of years ago or even thousands of years ago? He wouldn’t. Start over and assume an astronaut visited this scribe. How could this astronaut explain space travel, nuclear bombs, DNA, or egg implants? He couldn’t. These and other words would not be in the scribe’s vocabulary. To solve this problem, the astronaut would say God did this and that.

Remember, these astronauts are in our physical universe, and this makes them illogical Beings. A man may be a great race car mechanic, but that doesn’t make him a good heart surgeon. These astronauts were not all powerful in spite of their space travel ability.


A religion is a set of ideas one believes in so strongly it affects one’s daily life. Formal religions involve a deity.

The ideas that define a religion do not happen overnight. They evolve over time. Let’s first look at the concepts of Heaven and Hell.

Heaven & HellEdit

Back when the Earth was flat (and may still be flat, according to some scientists who say the entire universe is 2D[1]), people knew about volcanoes. It was not hard to imagine a great fire burning below the surface. It was not a likely place for a God to live, so God existed up there in the sky with the stars in a place called Heaven.

People wondered what happen to them after they die. The priests told them the souls of the good people go to Heaven to be with God in paradise. The souls of the bad people go to Hell and burn forever in an eternal fire. This carrot and stick approach allowed a priest to control its congregation.

We’ve read that during the period of the Inquisition heretics were burned at the stake. These inquisitors were followers of the teachings of Jesus. Hitler was kinder. He had his heretics gassed before being thrown into the ovens. How would you like to live in a country where the state operated death camps? Why would anyone want to worship a God who allowed a place like Hell to exist?

Stand tall and imagine a time-line running to your right at the top of your head. Also, imagine a time-line running to your left at your feet. Each line contains zillions of points. Let each point represent a billion years. Heaven is up and Hell is down. A soul cannot die, so your soul existed for billions of years up there to your right in Heaven. Now, what did your soul do to deserve to be on this planet where temptation can send you to Hell?


Constantine, after murdering all rivals to his throne, became head of the Roman Empire. Let’s take another look at this event.

Once upon a time a long time ago around 300 AD, Constantine, a Solar Henotheist, saw a sign on the eve of a great battle. He took this sign as a good omen, and indeed, he was victorious the next day and soon became Emperor of the Roman Empire. Around 313 he issued the Edit of Milan, which legalized the Christian religion. He gave the Christians a large donation and later adopted this faith. Why?

Many Christians believe God inspired Constantine. If that were true, then why did Constantine remain head of the other pagan religions? Constantine may have realized that the God of the Christians was the God of the pagans.

Constantine had just murdered all his relations and any other person who might represent a threat to his throne. Murder was common practice in those days. Therefore, he could trust no one. Now, along come the Christians, who do not believe in killing. Great, he can feel more secure by surrounding himself with Christians, and he did. They soon took control of many offices.

This adoption of a new faith by the Emperor opened new vistas for the lower ranking clerics in the Roman temples. Many saw the handwriting on the wall. Therefore, they too adopted the new faith with great expectations of advancement. The head Christian priests knew about Jesus, but they knew little about running an imperial organization such as their new church would become. Thus, the lower ranks of the Church soon filled with these new converts or proselytes.

However, these changeovers were not without risks. If the Emperor reverted to (or a new Emperor supported) one of the old religions, then there would be Hell to pay. The old (now pagan) priests would never forgive them. When the new emperor sent the Christians to join the lions in the arena, they, the traitorous proselytes, would have to go with them.

To solve this survival problem, the proselytes enlisted the aid of some Centurions, and they looted the old temples of their wealth. This was not difficult since the proselytes knew most of the secrets of the temples. They did not expect any trouble from the pagan priests since they could not complain to the Emperor. If they did complain, they would have to explain how much was stolen. They would also have to explain why they didn’t use their wealth to help pay the Emperor’s soldiers before the great battle. Such thievery was also common, as the army use to loot temples in conquered lands.

To protect their new treasury from reprisals, they used their wealth to pay for some Sanctuary Security (SS) guards. And just to be on the safe side, these clerics increased the number of these guards and forced the changeover of the population. The old priests had to convert or die. Some died, but most converted. Meanwhile, the high Christian priests were now wearing fine robes, eating and drinking with the Emperor, and converting the old and famous families of Rome. The high priests thought all of this was God’s hand at work.

The conversion advanced without any trouble except for the Jews. They were a stiff-necked people and were not about to bow to any new Roman God. The problem with this resistance was that if left unanswered, then others might also resist. The proselytes wanted the people to think alike, have one Emperor, and one God. They told the Jews resistance was futile, and if they didn’t assimilate, that is, convert, then they would die. Few Jews converted.

Absolute rulers want absolute control. Anyway, the physical killing of the Jews was not a problem, but the justification for the killings was. For example, since the Diaspora, Jews traded throughout the Mediterranean and thus played a role in the commerce of Rome. Some Jews were rich, and they had rich influential Roman friends. If the Emperor heard of the killings and asked, then the matter of rank would arise. Someone would tell him. If Jesus, a Jew from a nothing tribe located at the end of the empire, was the Son of God, then he ranked higher than the Emperor. In later years, the Church was to take the position they were more important than a king or emperor, but in these early days, this position was suicidal. Then there was the remote possibility Jesus was the Son of God. If they started killing his people, what would this God do?

To solve these problems, the proselytes started to research the history of Jesus. This was not an easy task since Jesus lived over 300 years ago. About that time, Caesar had just been assassinated. Octavius and Mark Anthony defeated Brutus and his friends, in a civil war, and in turn, Octavius defeated Anthony to become the new Caesar. The senate bestowed the title of Augustus on Octavius, and Caesar Augustus wanted all males to return to their place of birth for tax purposes.

Joseph had to return to Bethlehem.

Mary told her mother. Her mother panicked and told her husband. He was an honest man, and he told Joseph. This was no big deal. When buying a pregnant ewe, one also received the lamb. They adjusted the price, and Mary had to go with Joseph. She did and eventually gave birth to Jesus, who became a teacher to those who would listen.

Given this information, the proselytes decided, since Joseph was not the father, the Church could adopt the idea of a virgin birth. Jesus became the Son of God. Women had no standing, and no one cared who the father was. This virgin birth was easy to believe since Greek Gods were always chasing women.

With this revision, the hierarchy became: God, Christ, various heavenly angels and the Emperor of Rome. The Bishop of Rome, and the lesser priests, went down a spiritual arm, and the secular arm included the Romans, Italians, citizens of the empire, and barbarians. The Jews were now near the bottom of the list and no longer above Caesar. Also, it was now possible to justify killing the Jews, because they were the ones who killed Christ! No one mentioned the killing of anyone in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who would not hurt anyone, was a little illogical.

The Christians did not kill many Jews for practical reasons. However, they made sure the Jews knew a reason now existed for their elimination, if they caused any trouble. As Christianity spread, these two illogical ideas became opposite sides of the same coin. Christians preached the Immaculate Conception openly and anti-Semitism covertly. The two went together to the new capital, Constantinople, and later to Russia, Europe, the British Isles, and eventually to the Americas. All was fine until Hitler came and made anti-Semitism a major item in his government.

Read ‘April Blood’ by Lauro Martines


When a body dies, does the soul? What if the individual just recycles back into our physical universe. If during a life cycle, a person hates another person because of their race or religion, the individual might become a member of that race or religion when they recycle. If someone ate meat, that person would probably be reborn as the animal the person ate most. For example, Brahmins recycle as untouchables. Plantation owners recycle as slaves. Eaters of livestock are born as livestock. This type of recycling is not for punishment, but rather, it is a form of teaching. A person recycles to compete against their own illogical ideas.

In The Universe, the logical Beings had a problem of what to do with their most illogical Beings. To solve their problem, God2 created our physical universe. However, inside our physical universe, the illogical Beings outnumber the least illogical Beings. Therefore, it is no surprise to find illogical Beings hating those who are more logical. As a group, the Jews are more logical than most groups. This may be why anti-Semitism has lasted so long.


Remember the free neutrons and subneutrons in our sun which gave birth to our planets. Well, they are slowly moving toward the center of our sun. When they reach the center, there will be an explosion which will destroy life as we know it. It may become the age of insects. The illogical Beings will return to The Universe and recycle to other planets. The school goes on.

Four RulesEdit

The following four rules are the basis for a religion. In light of the above ideas, they are an alternative view of commonly known rules.

  • 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    • This first rule is not about swapping gifts of equal dollar value. It means to pass on **logical ideas, be a teacher.
  • 2. Don’t do unto others that which you would not like done unto you.
    • This second rule means do not force your illogical ideas on others.
  • 3. Do unto others as they have done unto you.
    • This second rule is not one of revenge. It means to be a mirror. People can often see **that which is illogical in others but not in themselves. So, being a mirror is a form of **teaching and helps others see themselves.

  • 4. Do unto others before they do unto you.
    • This fourth rule does not justify a first strike. It means to slowly learn about others, **trade with them, and exchange students. The idea being to make friends long before **there is a need to call someone an enemy.

Eightfold PathsEdit

One can use MUSCATEL as an acronym for remembering the following eightfold paths of Buddhism in helping one to reason logically.

  • M Mindfulness—Develop the mental ability to see things for what they are with clear consciousness
  • U Understanding—Try to understand reality as it is, not just as it appears to be.
  • S Speech—Speak in a non hurtful, not exaggerated manner, and in a truthful way
  • C Concentration—Be aware of the present reality within yourself without any craving or aversion.
  • A Actions—Use wholesome actions and avoid actions that would do harm.
  • T Thoughts—Change your thinking when a more useful pattern arises.
  • E Effort—Make an effort to improve
  • L Livelihood—Live so as not to do harm in any way oneself or others; directly or indirectly


The place to start is with the atom. An atom is a set of energy fields locked around a center point. Think of it as a small ping-pong ball. When one touches something, the locked fields or atoms in one's hand make contact the locked fields or atoms in the object. In this manner, one says they are touching something solid. It’s like pushing two magnetic North Poles together. One can’t see the fields, but one can feel their affect.

Neutrons are the same as atoms only many times smaller. Neutrons often orbit in atoms, but there can be free neutrons here and about. Different combinations of atoms and neutrons produce the elements listed in our periodic table. Orbiting neutrons have angular energy plus the nuclear energy defined by Einstein and his E = mcc.

The atoms in the periodic table are what I call stable or predictable atoms. In the primordial sea, they formed and reformed to produce everything we see today.

Now imagine an Oxygen atom. It has neutrons in two different orbits. Eight neutrons are in the outer orbit, and six are in an inner orbit. The 15th neutron acts as an anchor for the two orbits to keep the orbits from flipping over.

For something to be ALIVE it must meet five conditions: Start with an unstable atom, Grow, EAT, Reproduce, and Rid itself of unwanted atoms.

UNSTABLE ATOM -- Imagine two Oxygen atoms side by side. A bolt of energy hits a neutron in one atom, with such force, it drives it into the other atom. One now have two unstable atoms. That is, the neutrons are no longer in two steady orbits. They now move in a chaotic manner. The atom, which gained a neutron, is the ‘G’ or ‘Gent’ atom, and it evolves into the male of the species. The atom, which lost a neutron, is the ‘L’ or ‘Lady’ atom, and it evolves into the female of the species.

GROWTH -- Now about the ‘G’ atom. The next trait is, the G atom has to grow. That is, it has to combine with other stable atoms and become a molecule. When it does, there are three possible results. ...Alternative zero is where the G atom combines with other stable atoms and covers itself, so there are zero openings. It then remains inert and drops from our story. ...Alternative one is the same except there is one opening, G1. These evolve into what one call animals. ...Alternative two results in two openings, one on each end of the molecule, G2. These evolve into what one call plants.

EAT -- Put aside the zero- and two-molecules and concentrate on alternative one, the animals. The third trait is, the G1 molecule, must EAT. Growing has to do with size while the E and T in ‘EaT’ refer to an Energy Transfer. For example, assume our G1 molecule contacts an Oxygen atom, sucks all or part of its orbital energy out of the Oxygen atom, and into the G1 molecule. Because of the loss of energy, the neutrons in the Oxygen atom will slow in their orbits while the neutrons in the G1 molecule will increase their orbital speed. Think of a man who touches a metal plate loaded with static electricity. When he touches the plate, the plate loses its energy. The man jumps backwards in reaction to the energy entering his body. Afterwards, they both have the same appearance as they had before the touch.

REPRODUCE -- The fourth trait is, the G1 molecule must reproduce. That is, it must use the incoming energy to make more unstable atoms, G1 and L1.

RID -- The fifth and last trait is the G1 molecule must rid itself of its unwanted atoms, stable and unstable.

The acronym one use to remember this is LUGERR.

If in ridding itself of its unstable atoms, and the unstable atoms restart the process, then humans will say the G1 molecule reproduced. This is incorrect. By definition, the reproduction takes place inside the unstable molecule.

A grass fire is an example of oxidation. It grows, transfers energy, reproduces, and leaves waste material behind. However, it is not an example of life. A grass fire does not involve an unstable atom. For example, look at your finger; it is open at one end, the end connected to your hand. Your arm or leg is another example of being open at one end and connected to the body.

Plants on the other hand are open at two ends. One end usually enters the Earth where the plant eats. The other end is open to the sun from which the plant takes energy.

When these unstable molecules are simple and small, it is possible for the number of openings to change. But later, the change is almost irreversible.

Zero-molecules could be in a plant or animal and go undetected for years. Then a change occurs. Let’s say a person has an x-ray taken, and the bolt of energy changes the zero-molecule to a one- or two-opening molecule. It then begins to grow, eat, etc., and comes alive. When it does, we say the person has a tumor, cancer or a virus.

Now consider this, a male animal is reproducing both kinds of unstable atoms, G and L, on an 80/20 ratio. Every one can tell the animal is a male and has some female features, like breasts. Let some change occur slowly over time, so the ratio becomes 20/80. Now one begins to see strange behavior in the animal. In humans, we speak of them as homosexuals.


In summary, the above ideas maybprovide a different view of every ‘thing’. God(s) may or may not be different. Heaven and Hell no longer exist unless you designate them as existing. Our physical universe may or may not be Space and Gravity, atoms and subatoms.

Even if you do not believe any of the above, it may or may harm you to make an effort to learn to reason logically. For example, People who drink alcohol or take drugs may not wish to think too much, much less think logically. People who show or use their bodies for sex purposes or deal in sex are not always thinking logically. In short, we need a new article on ethics. Some say logical thinking is overrated. I never trust my thoughts.

There are more notes at If you are looking for a faith community and are repulsed by most of the content above, consider LCU