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Topics in Veterinary Medicine Edit


Learning Projects Edit

Biochemistry today

  1. The pet food crisis and Non-protein nitrogen as legitimate and illegitimate feed additive.

Essay and Discussion Themes

  1. w:Atherosclerosis
    1. Lipoprotein cell recognition mechanisms
    2. Scavenger system
    3. w:Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs). w:Cytokines.
    4. Oxidized lipoproteins
  2. w:Digestion and absorption
  3. Plasma buffer systems
  4. Kidney
  5. w:Nerve impulse, transmission, w:neuromuscular junction and modulators.
  6. Chemical military agents and w:antidotes
  7. w:The origin of life on Earth
  8. The possible origin of life outside Earth (w:Astrobiology)
  9. Iron, w:Heme and w:Hemoglobin metabolism and its errors (item, item, item)
  10. w:Coagulation
  11. Voluntary w:Muscle (item) metabolic peculiarities (item, item, item) and the w:neuromuscular junction
  12. w:Connective tissue (w:collagen, w:elastin, w:reticulin) and its main anomalies.
  13. w:Nicotine toxicology and w:addiction, w:tolerance (item), w:dopamine and the brain reward pathways

Books Edit

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General Biochemistry Edit

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Medical Biochemistry Edit

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