Social Media edit

Check your definition of social media We will discuss in class what you know about social media, what you knew before you started this course and what you know now.

Social Media Assignment 1: In groups write an advising letter or email to a (real or imagined) sibling outlining what you think it is important for them to know as they start to become users of social media.

Learn more about the diversity of opinions people have about social media and what impact it is having on society. The following links are just a flavour of what is available.

Social Media Assignment 2: From your reading, choose one specific aspect or topic about social media and language, the more focused it is the better. Write two contrasting texts, one which expresses the pros and one which expresses the cons of social media with regard to your topic. Write in which ever genre you like but both texts should be the same genre. Choose the genre to best communicate your topic to the intended audience. Each text should be a maximum of 300 words.

Journalism edit

Focus: Kevin Carter

Resources edit

  • Time Magazine
  • Documentary film
  • Pulitzer prize website

Rhetoric edit

Framing edit

Harry Potter is the Devil!

Propoganda edit

The Media Matrix: how propaganda and mass media undermine American reality

Advertising and Anti-Advertising edit