Maritime Health Research and Education-NET/Education 3: The SDG17 International Maritime Health Journal Club

International Maritime Health Journal Club [1]Edit

Education and research is the core issues as basis scientific evidence to create the "Healthy seafarers on Healthy Ships". The aim is to facilitate access to scientific knowledge from interventions and/or observations of the UN-SDGs. The club members select relevant scientific articles for supplemental new studies or implementations of effective actions. Abstracts are rewritten based on the full article texts and abstracts in a structured abstract with the following items:

Structure of the Journal Club (JC)Edit

  1. Create a JC group
  2. Zoom meetings
  3. Select health area and subjects
  4. Do structured reviews at Zoom meetings
  5. Discus, revise and accept.
  6. Archive and disseminate the knowledge

Articles of relevanceEdit

  1. For seafarers, maritime doctors, ship owners, maritime administrations, schools, researchers
  2. Review studies with successful Implementation of maritime SDG-Goals to be used
  3. Observational and intervention studies that needs to be replicated
  4. Open Access to the original study text

UN-17 Sustainable GoalsEdit


  1. There is sufficient evidence to use the results and follow up of the effect
  2. There is not sufficient evidence for practice, a review study is needed
  3. This single study needs replications before it is wise to be applied in practice



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