Mapudungun language/Lesson 3: Ta Tüfey


This page uses the Unified Alphabet.


(A family goes to vacations)

Father: Deu akuiñ.
Boy: ¿Ka chuchi ta yiñ ruka?
Mother: Tiechi ruka chod ta yiñ ruka
Girl: Chaw, chuchi ta tüfachi lewfü?
Father: Tüfey ta Maullín lewfü.
Boy: Ka tiechi waria?
Mother: Ta tüfey Frutillar


Father: We just arrived.
Boy: Which one is the hut?
Mother: That yellow hut is ours
Girl: Dad, ¿which river is that?.
Father: It is the Maullín River.
Boy: And that town?
Mother: That is Frutillar.


Tüfachi: This..., that..., these...
Tüfey: That.
Tiechi: it, that one, that.
Waria: town, city. Ta tüfey: This is, that is, it is
Deu: Ya Akuiñ: [we] arrived Chuchi: Which?, Whom? Yiñ: Our, ours.