Mandarin/Mandarin One

Nǐ hǎo! Welcome to Mandarin One! This self-paced course will help introduce students to the basic spoken Mandarin and written Chinese language as learned in a first semester college course. This is for people studying for a test, like HSK, or while refreshing their knowledge before taking a more advanced course. At the same time it is meant to be as practical as possible for the person that simply wants to pick up some Chinese before their next trip.

Course Outline edit

Lesson One 第一课 edit

  • Chapter One - Pronouncing Single Syllables
  • The four tones and Hanyu Pinyin.
  • Finals and Initials
  • Chapter One Quiz

Lesson Two 第二课 edit

  • Chapter Two - Pronouncing Syllables in Combination
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Brief Chinese History
  • Chapter Two Quiz

Lesson Three 第三课 edit

This Lesson introduces the vocabulary for an introductory conversation. This section also contains a brief introduction to Chinese names. The method for counting from 11 to 99 will be introduced.

  • Chapter Three Vocabulary - 生字
  • Chinese Names - 名字
  • Dialogue - 对话
  • Introductions - 介绍
  • Activity - What is your name? (你的名字是什么?)
  • Numbers 11-99 - 号码 十一到九十九
  • Asking for Help - 问题
  • Chapter Three Quiz - 第三课 小考
  • Chapters One - Three Test 第一章 第三棵 考试

Lesson Four 第四课 edit

  • Chapter Four Vocabulary - Hěn gāoxìng rènshì nín. (Glad to meet you.)
  • Introduction to Chinese Writing
  • Grammer - Pronouns
  • Numbers 100-300

Lesson Five 第五课 edit

  • Chapter Four Quiz

Lesson Six 第六课 edit

  • Chapter Five Vocabulary - Nǐ yǒu méiyǒu xiōngdì jiěmèi? (Do you have brothers or sisters?)
  • Family

Lesson Seven 第七课 edit

  • Celebrations and Festivals
  • Chapter Five Quiz

Lesson Eight 第八课 edit

  • Chapter Six Vocabulary - Nǐ xiànzài yǒu méiyǒu shì? (Is there anything you have to do now?)
  • Writing Chinese Characters

Lesson Nine 第九课 edit

  • Chapter Six Quiz
  • Chapters Four-Six Test

Lesson Ten 第十课 edit

  • Chapter Seven Vocabulary - Nàme, nǐmen mài shénme? (Well, then what do you sell?)
  • Shopping, How Much?

Lesson Eleven 第十一课 edit

  • Chapter Seven Quiz

Lesson Twelve 第十二课 edit

  • Chapter Eight Vocabulary - Nǐmen yǒu fàngjiān ma? (Do you have any rooms?)

Lesson Thirteen 第十三课 edit

  • Chapter Eight Quiz

Lesson Fourteen 第十四课 edit

  • Chapter Nine Vocabulary - Nǐmen dǎsuàn zhù duōjiǔ? (How long do you plan to stay?)

Lesson Fifteen 第十五课 edit

  • Chapter Nine Quiz
  • Final Exam

Materials Needed for Mandarin One edit

Required Texts edit

  • Williams, P.F.C., & Wu, Y.(1999). Chinese: The Easy Way. New York: Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
  • Chinese Wikibook

Required Free Software edit

Supplemental Materials edit

  • A comprehensive Chinese (Pinyin) - English Dictionary
  • Tao, S.(2005). Chinese Learning Cards for HSK Beijing: Morning Glory Publishers
  • Lafayette De Mente, B.(1995). Chinese in Plain English Chicago: Passport Books

Online Reference edit