Machine design is an area of study in which one learns to design machine parts by utilizing its whole knowledge and experience in field of mechanical engineering.


  • DESIGN FOR STRENGTH- safety is first so part to be designed should strong enough to withstand forces in its service. It also required to be resist some probable happening during service due to increased load by some reason.
  • DESIGN FOR FUNCTION- every part in a machine has its own function for which it is applied in machine. designer should ensure that the part to be designed should fulfill its function satisfactory.
  • DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING PROCESS- Designer have to modify its product in the light of available manufacturing processes and their limitations and strengths. Design of machined part is generally different from that of casting etc.
  • DESIGN FOR SAFETY- designer should ensure that the part he is designing should safe in use. And any life or health hazard will not produce from its working.
  • DESIGN FOR LOOK AND COMFORT- It is a secondary priority of designer to make a part with high level of comfort for user and also looks good.

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