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Homebrew is a non Apple official free and open-source software package management system that allows the installation of software on Apple's macOS operating system using the command line terminal.

Basic Usage Edit

To install software there are at least 3 commands: brew install, brew cask and brew tap:

  • Install wget software:
    • brew install wget
  • Uninstall wget software
    • brew uninstall wget
  • Install Vagrant GUI software[1], such as Atom or Google Chrome:
    • brew cask install vagrant
  • View info of package: brew info wget
  • Create your own package: brew create
  • Get a list of installed packages (formulae in Homebrew terminology):
    • brew list[2]
    • brew list --versions (to include package versions)
    • brew list PACKAGE_NAME List of file includes in PACKAGE_NAME
    • brew cask list
    • brew bundle
    • brew leaves

Other commands: brew link

Advanced Usage Edit

  • Get a list of files installed with package_name: brew list package_name
  • Search available packages by name: brew search PACKAGE_NAME_TO_SEARCH
  • To autoupdate your software, you can use

Maintenance Edit

Get latest version of brew and package information.

  • brew update or brew update -v

Get a list of not up to date packages:

  • brew outdated

Upgrade every installed package, see also to autoupdate your software.

  • brew upgrade

To autoupdate your brew software, you can use

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