macOS/How to create a folder

Once you learn the process once, it becomes very easy to create new folders in macOS.

There are several ways to go about creating a new folder in macOS. You can create a new folder entirely with your keyboard by using key commands. You can also use your mouse or trackpad to achieve the same result.

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Using Key Commands to Create a New Folder:

  1. Hold down the Command button and press Tab (while keeping your finger or thumb on the command button).
  2. You'll notice a screen appears showing you the icons or logos for the various applications you currently have open (see Figure 1). If you don't have anything open, you will see only the Finder.
  3. Select the Finder either by hitting Tab (while Command is being held down) to or by using your mouse to navigate through the various icons. Once you've highlighted an icon either with your keyboard or your mouse, the title of it will appear below the icon. You do not need to click on the icon to select it, simply release the Command key while Finder is highlighted.
  4. You'll notice in the upper left corner (just to the right of the Apple logo) in bold letters it will now display Finder. This is how you know you've selected it.
  5. Hold down Shift + Command and press N.
  6. You've just created a new folder on your Desktop named "untitled folder".
  7. Assuming the Finder is still selected, you can select Shift + Command + D to open the desktop and see your untitled folder.
  8. Right-click (or click while holding down the Control key) while your mouse hovers over the untitled folder and select "Rename" to change your folder's name. After typing in the name you want press the return or enter key. If the folder is currently selected in the "Finder" window, you can alternatively press the enter or return key to allow you to toggle between editing the folders name and confirming it.

Using the Mouse to Create a New Folder:

  1. Move your mouse down to the Dock (the bar of icons that by default sits horizontally on the bottom of your screen - see Figure 2) .
  2. Mouse-over and select the Finder (see Figure 2).
  3. By default, a new window should appear. You can be sure that have the Finder selected by looking in the upper left corner just to the right of the Apple logo and confirm it reads "Finder" in bold. To the right of the text "Finder" in bold, select "File" (see Figure 3).
  4. Select "New Folder".
  5. A new folder titled "untitled folder" should now appear on your desktop.
  6. You can use the same methods in step 8 of the previous section to rename the folder.