Lunar Boom Town/Bubbler air particle reducer

waste streams

  1. contaminated household air with suspended particulates such as dust, allergens, smoke,noxious gases

process air out is hopefully lower in particulate but probably definately higher in humdity. start with semi manual switch because I am interested in

proposed component process - use fan to blow waste stream into water tank under diffusion layer such as sand or weave fabric etc. recycle air if testing shows it helps at some cost threshold of particle removed per expense of pumping air around feedback loop rather that staight one pass through

possible advantages over existing units

  1. disect existing units --> first glop opportunity if can acquire broken or waste unit cheaper than just purchasing for testing
  2. identify precise target benefit in some process

How to measure in reasonable range ?? time for some googling One possible use is

commercially available airprocessers

  • Air Ion Technologies Range of Air Processors --> seems aimed at everyday dust. Household air in negative ion high air screened to particles under .1 micron out. Need air quality standards. back to google

  • given requirements on air out to atmosphere[1]
  • goolge(industrial,waste,gas,emissions)[2]