Lunar Boom Town/Volume miner

Background: Due to a lack of atmosphere lunar facilities must be protected from micrometeorites and radiation. This can be accomplished by burying facilities.

Volume miners dig into surface to create useable volume for sell to volume developers.[[Lunar_Boom_Town/Volume_developer]| The material extracted is sold various raw material processers such as an oxygen extractorLunar_Boom_Town/LOX_Domestic_and_Exports] or sold delivered to a customer/developer for berming/burying material.

Startup can be as easy as a shovel and explosives and a regolith hauler. Next phase might add a horizontal drilling machine and a front end loader or backhoe. Largest operators construct and operate large tunnel boring machines.w:Tunnel_boring_machine

As a by product valuable volatiles set free by the mining process would by collected by binding them to liquid salts.