Lunar Boom Town/Theme Park Rovers

Business model:

Deliver small teleoperated rovers to the interior and/or exterior of crater Copernicous for theme park customers to operate via ticketed control consoles. Customers must have previously completed a training session adequate to safely operate the rover. Rovers could also be time shared with multiple theme parks or via software environments accessible over the internet. Lower priced options might include running a simulated lunar rover at a Terran facility. This may also provide a phased in venture startup approach.

Communications Satellite with Transmit and Recieve Capabilities

Planning exercise:

Use and the U.S.G.S. PDS system to plan touring zones where the theme park rovers are allowed.

Exclusion zones will be programmed into the control software to help reduce customer generated problems and keep the rovers within a reachable range for retrieval and maintenance and telecommuncations.

Task draft deliverables will be briefing materials, maps, analysis, and reports for other venture participants to understand why and how travel and exclusion zones were established for using in other venture planning processes.

Final deliverable will a set of briefing slides and accompanying reports for presentation to potential venture capital investors.

Transmit and Recieve Groundstation

Prototyping excercise:

Use the deliverables from above to create or simulate a scaled simulated facility in your back yard or a local public park. Use small radio operated toys, open source software packages, etc. Warning: This is very demanding task best attacked in small pieces. If it grows into actual venture or hobby may consume large quantities of time.