Lunar Boom Town/Theme Park Rover Maintenance

General Background edit

A lot more people are casually interested in the moon than can afford a visit in person. Terran theme parks have expressed an interest in providing virtual teleoperations booths where customers can pay for the privelege of operating a lunar rover and exploring the lunar landscape. Such vehicles are also useful to prospectors, research teams, survey teams, and other interested parties.

These vehicles must be designed and constructed, delivered to area of operations, repaired and maintained according to the requirements of individuals, research teams and businesses.

Design and new construction is typically performed on Earth and delivered to Lunar Boom Town for servicing and placement or sometimes delivered to custom sites via dedicated delivery mechanism.

Services Provided edit

Used rovers are recycled and remanufactured at our facility. Used rovers are salvaged. Operational rovers are recovered, serviced, delivered back to operational area.

Remote Tourist Rover Design Study edit

We need a preliminary design for our tourist rovers to be able to project costs and revenues.

Some Possible Learning Activities edit

  • Draft a near term business plan to remotely operate tourist rovers in theme parks. Note this activity requires no manned prescence on the moon although it will be expensive to abandon rather than repair damaged rovers.
  • Draft a business plan to operate a rover service station at Lunar Boom Town.
  • Start a page at the Lunar Boom Town project to draft a business plan to operate a rover retrieval service using either a rocket powered lunar hopper or a surface transport.
  • Other as you devise and post here.

Applicable Information Resources edit

Wikiversity course in rover mission specification and rover design. Rover_Mission_Analysis_and_Design