Lunar Boom Town/Terran Spaceport

Spacecraft components arrive via jumbo cargo aircraft, barge, rail, or super trucks.

Flightline OperationsEdit

An AN-124 Jumbo Air Freighter arriving.
AN-124 front view.
AN-124 Unloading
Space Shuttle landing. Mission Complete.

Barge CargoEdit

Rail CargoEdit

Truck CargoEdit

Vertical Rocket LaunchEdit

Redstone Launch Assembly under Construction
Titan 4B Core with two SRMU(Solid Rocket Motor Upgrades) in preparation for Cassini launch.
Atlas with Horizon spacecraft poised at KSC Pad 41.
  • New Nasa Orion Stack

Horizontal Takeoff to SpaceEdit

L1011 Carrier Loading a Pegasus space launcher.

Capsule ReturnEdit

  • Apollo
  • Soyuz
Russian Soyuz
  • Ablative heat shields

Vertical Powered ReturnEdit

  • Scaled Engineering Prototype

Lifting Body ReturnEdit

  • Space Shuttle