Lunar Boom Town/Outfitter Services and Supplies

Background: The moon is a very hostile place where people must immediately be working productively to survive economically. The Outfitter specializes in providing supplies and services that individual homesteads, coops and even industrial facilities need to establish a viable environment in which to live, work, and play.

Available services:

  • Available underground volume listings
  • Installation and hookup of air and water services
  • Equipment delivery and installation
  • Telemetry monitoring and alerting
  • Lunar rover listings, new and used
  • Spacesuit listing, new and used

Available equipment:

  • Air handlers and lines
  • Water handlers and lines
  • Power lines and supplies
  • Gas lines and fittings (hydrogen, methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, flourine, etc)
  • Flow meters, safety moniters, instrumentation, etc.
  • Radio transceivers and antennas
  • Telemetry monitoring equipment
  • Spacesuit supplies, tools
  • Lunar rover supplies, tools, options
  • Feul cells
  • Methane digesters

Operations Requirements:

  • Warehouse
  • Showroom Floor
  • Employment/Contracts with Qualified Installation and Service Technicians
  • Experienced Sales Consultants for Home and Industry Improvement projects.
  • Inventory adequate for emergency requirements
  • Stable supply and transport chain for routine requirements