Lunar Boom Town/Luna's Tomatoes, Juice and Picante Sauce


  • Domestic Households
  • Domestic Hotels
  • Aldrin Cycles
  • Lagrange Construction Shacks
  • Lagrange Settlement

Production methods Edit

  • lunar tomatoes
see: Wikimanual of Gardening:Tomato and Lunar Boom Town/LED Greenhouse Harvesting[1]
  • terran tomato paste
imported from Terran in carbon-carbon or plastic container providing mass inflow of water, carbons, nitrogen, other in what proportion?
  • cometary ice or lunar ice or terran hydrogen plus lox

Insert photograph of simulated lunar glass production tools here along Process and Instrumention Diagram (P&ID) or (PID) pronounced "Pid" short i.

Products Out Edit

Pilot's Choice Tomato Juice Tomatoe Paste for export Boom Town Boomers Boomiest Picante or BitSquared Picante

Need demand projections mass flow equations cost of production estimates Charge Rate currently estimate $1X10^6/bottle

Category Cottage Manufacturing?