Lunar Boom Town/Horticulture Nursery

Business Idea Edit

Raise and sell plants of various kinds. Vegetable starters, flowers, household potted plants, fruit trees, etc. Output determined by customer demand.

Materials Needed Edit

  • Seeds -- Import initial stock from Earth, sell excess in kits and as seeds
  • Containers -- Use sintered regolith.
  • Topsoil -- Purchase from Worm farms or create own?
  • Grow lights
  • Electricity
  • Fertilizer -- Purchase from Worm farms or create own?
  • Water -- Import Hydrogen and mix own or buy from water/air plant
  • CO2 -- Import carbon or purchase CO2 from atmosphere regulators?
  • Oxygen -- Sell excess.
  • Nitrogen -- Import from Earth, experiment to find optimum economic mix in nursery

Customers Edit

  • farms - starters
  • businesses (Potted Plants)
  • hotels
  • spaceports
  • residents (potted plants, garden starters)