Lunar Boom Town/Fueling Station

Business idea Edit

Mine or separate out lunar resources required to create a viable rocket fuel for use around Earth-Moon system and deep space. Oxygen is readily available. Buy it from Lox manufacturerLunar_Boom_Town/LOX_Domestic_and_Exports. Aluminum is readily available on the moon although extracting it in large quantities will be challenging and capital intensive.[[Lunar_Boom_Town/Aluminum_Production]|Using Al as a rocket fuel is theoretically possible but also challenging.[1]]

Mix the two into a fuel for shipping to customer site or into a solid form of rocket booster suitable for getting off the lunar surface or both.

Market Edit

  • Any mass, such as lox, which needs to be delivered to space from lunar surface.
  • Short suborbital lunar hopping. Much faster than Rovers or Freight Trucks.
  • Mars resupply missions. Need large delta V to Holman to Mars or Aldrin Cyclers.

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