Lunar Boom Town/Building and construction facility

Building & Construction facility

Any town is constantly growing. So it needs qualified builders & domestic engineers, which will be capable of bringing any business up. The engineers will inevitably have a need to have a place, where orders are considered and planned, architects prepare projects, where builders and workers are hired, where the building machinery, cranes, tools, spacesuits etc. are stored. In fact this business should be established first to support rapid construction of other facilities.

Building on moon has certain advantages, as 6 times lighter gravity provides much less power requirements for lifting machinery, less requirements for construction stiffness etc. Any supporting construction can be finely built from aluminum, or some other cheap and unsuitable for earth construction materials.

From the other side - the lack of atmosphere gives much stricter requirements for building places, where human presence is necessary. Very hardy constructions and reliable systems must be implemented in any new building, which should contain regenerated and heated air. Buildings, suited for human beings also require all sorts of domestic communications, like water, heating, maybe common canalization, food delivery, transportation of some kind(possibly underground) and more. From this point of view - the other businesses on moon are best suited(financially) for robotic beings.

Successful facility work depends onEdit


-machinery maintenance
-electricity production
-Oxygen Lunar_Boom_Town/LOX_Domestic_and_Exports
-Fabrication methods s:Advanced_Automation_for_Space_Missions

Support SystemsEdit

  • Robotic cranes
Robotic arm in preparation for flight attached to STS

Popular Construction ApproachesEdit

Robotic arms at ISS handling module delivered by STS